DG's uniqueness in the production of vacuum electroplated colored stainless steel

The excellent quality of vacuum electroplating colored stainless steel technology is gradually being understood by more people and is widely used in the field of display cabinet manufacturing. As a leader in the high-end showcase customization industry, DG display showcase continues to push the boundaries of innovation in showcase manufacturing. In the use of vacuum electroplated colored stainless steel, DG shows unique ingenuity and pursues the highest quality. With excellent quality and exquisite technology as the cornerstone, it ensures that every product achieves the best performance. Today, we will delve into DG’s uniqueness in the production of vacuum electroplated colored stainless steel, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and excellence.

1.Selection of substrate. Good anti-corrosion of the substrate itself is the key to maintaining the PVD film for a long time. Stainless steel is generally used as the main substrate for processing PVD film workpieces. Because zinc alloy, iron, copper, aluminum and other metals are not corrosion resistant and easy to oxidize, can not be directly plated PVD film, therefore, the above metals to do PVD before DG will generally do chemical plating chromium treatment, and then PVD processing.

2. Cleanliness. Before production, DG will ensure that all workpieces are fully cleaned. When it comes to stainless steel, cleaning is relatively simple. But for the workpiece, in addition to cleaning the exposed surface, it is also necessary to clean the polishing wax, glue, rust spots, polishing, welding slag, etc. in the welding, folding, bending and other inconspicuous areas to ensure the coating effect of vacuum electroplating colored stainless steel.


3. Corrosion resistance. Although the vacuum-plated PVD film has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, it is still easy to peel off in the face of strong corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis. Therefore, DG will not use strong acid and alkali or decontamination ability of cleaning agents, such as toilet detergent, paint remover, metal cleaning agent, etc., but the use of industrial alcohol with soft cotton cloth gently wipe, if there is dirt on the surface, also use weak acid and weak alkali solvents to deal with.

4. Use of anti-fingerprint varnish. More and more customers choose vacuum electroplating color stainless steel, in order to increase the wear and corrosion resistance of the display case, convenient customer cleaning, DG will communicate with customers, it is recommended to add a layer of transparent anti-fingerprint oil on the stainless steel products coated with color PVD film. Please note that the use of anti-fingerprint oil may substantially change the original background color, so you need to consider carefully when choosing.

In the field of display cabinet manufacturing, DG Display Showcase has become the industry leader with its unique vacuum electroplating colored stainless steel technology and dedication to quality. Whether you are a retailer, brand operator or exhibition planner, choosing DG is a wise investment in quality and innovation. Our custom display cabinets not only meet the highest standards in the industry in terms of material selection, cleanliness and corrosion resistance, but also provide a more convenient maintenance experience through the clever use of anti-fingerprint varnish. Working with DG, you will get not only a showcase, but also an art that displays the charm of your brand. Let DG Display Showcase be your first choice for displaying high-quality products and add brilliant colors to your brand story.

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