DG Briefly Discusses the Importance of Glass in Museum Display Cabinets




Project Briefing and Building Overview: Nationalmuseum (Swedish: Nationalmuseum) Sweden's art and design museum is one of the oldest art museums in Europe. The Nationalmuseum collects approximately 500,000 drawings, ceramics, paintings, sculptures and modern art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, and has an art library for public and academic use. We strive to be a museum where everyone feels welcome and offer a variety of activities that can be enjoyed both in person and digitally. The mission of the Nationalmuseum includes nurturing and preserving the museum's collections so that future generations can also participate in a common cultural heritage. An important part of the job of conservators and art managers is prevention: ensuring that collections are stored, handled and displayed in a way that they are not damaged and that deterioration is minimized. Make sure the object's immediate environment—light, temperature, and humidity—is the best it can be. It’s all about giving museum visitors the best possible art experience while giving the exhibits a future. 

The glass of museum showcases plays an important role in balancing the needs of display and protection, ensuring that viewers can enjoy the exhibits safely and clearly while protecting them from the outside environment. The glass of museum showcases plays a key role in displaying cultural relics and artworks and has multiple functions, including:

1. Excellent security

This is mainly reflected in the glass of the museum display cases, as it directly separates the exhibits from the outside world. The unique soft-hard protective glass will not splash on the floor even if it is violently broken. It can still provide some protection for the exhibits and cooperate well with the security personnel, so that the exhibits and visitors will not be harmed by flying glass.

2. High transmittance of glass

In addition to safety, this is another important feature that directly affects the display effect, so the light transmittance of display glass is continuously improved. In the early days, the light transmittance was only about 80%, later it reached 90%, and now it is close to complete light transmittance. At the same time, reflectance and color rendering index are decreasing and increasing respectively.

3. Higher sealing performance

This requires that the museum display cabinets must be made with exquisite craftsmanship, and the first dimensions must be exactly the same, so as to ensure the sealing of the display cabinets, completely separate the two different environments inside and outside the display cabinets, and create a specific protective environment for the exhibits inside the display cabinets. Exquisite craftsmanship provides guarantee for the production of showcases and ensures their beauty.

There is an additional requirement for glass, which is UV protection. Some exhibits, such as textiles and paper products, are more sensitive to ultraviolet rays because some museums have not modified their lighting systems or cannot modify them due to conditions. If qualified glass is not used, unnecessary damage may be caused to cultural relics. Museum showcases play a vital role in museum exhibitions, giving audiences the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of different fields by effectively displaying and protecting cultural and artistic heritage. DG showcases are a professional supplier of showcases needed for museums, art galleries, commercial exhibitions and other places. DG provides complete showcase solutions for museums and other exhibition venues by providing comprehensive services, from design to manufacturing, installation and after-sales service, ensuring that exhibits are optimally displayed and protected.

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