National Archaeological Museum

Do you know what factors need to be considered in the display layout of temporary exhibitions in museums?

National Archaeological Museum


Project Briefing and Building Overview: The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the largest archaeological museum in Greece and one of the most important ancient Greek art museums in the world. It was built at the end of the 19th century to collect and protect artifacts from all over Greece, thereby displaying their historical, cultural and artistic value. The museum has about 11,000 exhibits on permanent display, including stone tools, pottery, metalware, sculptures, and other cultural relics unearthed from Egypt and the Near East, comprehensively displaying the ancient civilization and profound culture of ancient Greece.

In museum exhibitions, the display layout inside the exhibition is extremely important. Whether the exhibits are displayed appropriately will affect the number of visitors. Special attention should be paid to the layout and display of exhibitions, so do you know what factors need to be considered in the display layout of museum exhibitions?

1. Unified design, classified layout

At an exhibition, when a variety of exhibits are displayed collectively, their categories should be considered, and unified design and layout should be carried out to establish a perfect overall image. At the same time, different audience management is carried out according to different exhibits, which is helpful for viewing the exhibits. For example, calligraphy and painting can be displayed in wall cabinets, and ceramics can be displayed in museum cabinets. This will help protect the exhibits and classify them.

2. Reverse roles and conceive from the visitor’s perspective

Why do we need to conceive, arrange and arrange exhibits from the perspective of visitors instead of arranging exhibits from the perspective of exhibitors? For example, when people enter a shopping mall to buy clothes, they usually first see the clothes on the models at the door of the store. This form of display is the most direct expression. Visitors can learn about the overall style of the clothes through the models, allowing visitors to get more information about the products. Therefore, designers need to further understand the audience, so that visitors can leave a deep impression on the exhibition collection.

3. Highlight the main exhibits

In an exhibition, it is divided into key exhibits and ordinary exhibits, so designers should pay attention to this when designing the exhibition and reflect it in the design and layout. Exhibits with different primary and secondary needs should be displayed in different showcase types, with appropriate locations and areas. The more important exhibits should be more prominent. In some cases, the entire exhibition layout is centered around one prominent exhibit.

4. Pay attention to the characteristics of exhibits

Find out the characteristics of the exhibits that can attract the target audience. Different exhibit characteristics require different layout techniques to show the best effect. Some products need to be hung on the wall, some need to be placed on the ground, and some need glass cabinets; for the entire exhibition, some are good when viewed from one side, and some are good when viewed from all sides; some need to be viewed up close, and some need to be viewed from a distance. Which layout technique is used should be considered during design.

With these factors in mind, museums can optimize exhibition layout designs to provide visitors with engaging and immersive experiences while protecting exhibits. We look forward to providing you with excellent showcase design and helping your exhibition achieve greater success! If you have any questions about showcase design or other needs, please feel free to contact our professional team at any time. Thank you for your trust and support in DG Display Showcase!

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