Antique Display Showcase is the Crux of Museum Design: Here's Why

The exhibitions aren't the only component that matters when creating, renovating, or revamping a museum. The display showcase is just as important. Each showcase should pair perfectly with the exhibition without distracting from it.

While modern displays with sleek and angular design work in contemporary museums — like the MoMA in New York, the Guggenheim in Spain, and the Vitra Design Museum in Germany — in historical galleries and museums, an antique display case works best.

4 Reasons an Antique Display Showcase is the Best for Museum Design

Museums are in a tricky predicament. Although there will always be faithful attendance for these historic spaces from scholars and research groups, in general, museum attendance has steadily declined as interest in art and history wanes and other forms of entertainment become more prevalent.

Therefore, to compete with other forms of entertainment and increase attendance, museums need to focus on building an environment that attracts visitors.

One way to create that environment is through an antique display showcase.


The antique display showcase does this by creating an alluring Display similar to stepping back in time. Here are four other reasons this type of display works in a museum.

Distinctive Design

If you want to give your museum a distinctive touch, an antique display showcase is ideal. These antique display cases add a sense of history and charm to the space that makes the space desirable. Most visitors won't interact with these types of artifacts in any other circumstances, but to appreciate them that much more, it helps to use antique displays that show off their old-world charm.

Create an Immersive Space

Antique display showcases are essential to transporting guests into another period. Besides making the space distinct, an antique display showcase allows you to make the space feel as though the visitor has gone back in time and is experiencing these artifacts in the time period of their relevance.

Develop a Luxurious Environment

While modern displays can help contemporary museums feel luxurious, the antique display showcase does the same for historic museums and galleries.

The antique display showcase is the best way to display memorabilia, historical pieces, and cultural relics, as it complements the pieces without overshadowing them.

Consider what would happen if you place a centuries-old relic in a modern, angular showcase; the juxtaposition would be significant. In fact, that juxtaposition would force visitors to take note of the surroundings and remove them from the immersive experience.

Differentiate Your Museum from Others

Because of the decline in museum attendance, it's paramount that you make your museum different from others, so even if an attendee visits other museums, they'll be inclined to visit yours. An antique display showcase allows you to do just that.

These showcases are developed to give your museum an otherworldly feel that is unique and desirable. Most museums will have different displays, allowing your museum to stand out from others because of its use of antique displays.


Furthermore, because these displays can be customized, you can ensure your interior design complements branding or establishes the atmosphere the museum wants to create.

Museum Design Solutions: Highlight Your Exhibits with Custom Museum Cabinet

However, to ensure that you access the aforementioned benefits when investing in antique displays, you need custom museum cabinets. These cabinets, in conjunction with museum design solutions, set your exhibitions up for success.


The process begins by assessing the space and exhibits.

The purpose of museum design solutions is to effectively maximize the space and preserve its historical essence and significance.


Designers will determine the layout based on a museum's needs — to create free-flowing foot traffic — before designing custom museum cabinets and their configurations that will highlight the individual exhibit as well as complement the space.


These custom museum cabinets are integral to establishing an immersive atmosphere, creating uniformity while being an excellent showcase for each display.


They revive a museum's luster and create a captivating space. The end result is that the space becomes more entertaining by offering something other spaces cannot — real-world immersion into a bygone era.


Cabinetry is often overlooked as part of the equation that can help a museum achieve resilience, but it's essential to obtaining long-term profit.

Ultimately, a well-designed museum can provide visitors with an enriching and educational experience.


The design, alongside the exhibit, can be the key to making a museum resilient during these times.


Yet, it's important to remember that the design team you choose to design the configuration and custom museum cabinets will have just as much influence on an exhibition's success.


Here, DG Master of Display Showcase has set itself apart from other designers. After decades of working within the museum space, the team can offer guidance and expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Working closely with the museum curators and staff, the team will dedicate their time to create a mesmerizing display that satisfies and exceeds your needs. Then, when you're ready to give the go-ahead, your state-of-the-art custom museum cabinets will be manufactured in our world-class factory. 

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