Case Study: History Museums Need a Wooden Museum Display Showcase

History museums could use any one of the hundreds of types of display cases to showcase an exhibition, but none are more captivating than the wooden museum display showcase.

In this case study, we explain why a wooden museum display showcase is necessary for a history museum.

The Issue with a Standard Wooden Display Showcase

In the average history museum, you can expect to find the standard wooden display case. The features of this type of display include its desk-like shape and glass top — which may also have glass on the sides to give visitors more viewing space.


The first issue with this type of display is that visitors will be constantly bending to view the items on display, which means it's challenging for many visitors to see the objects on display. Instead, only a handful can enjoy the exhibit at one time — blocking the flow of foot traffic.


The second issue with the standard museum wooden display showcase is that it limits what type of artifacts and objects can be put on display. These showcases typically only have a 350mm height, allowing for miniature exhibits and printables.


The third issue is that to expand the display, you'll have to take up valuable space in your museum. These types of displays can't be expanded in height; instead, they can only be expanded in length.


The last and possibly the most critical issue of the standard museum wooden display showcase is that it obscures about 10 percent of the display because of the wooden frame.


The wooden museum display showcase from China shatters all of these issues.

The Advantages of Wooden Museum Display Showcase

The wooden museum display showcase built in China has enabled museums to maintain an antique look and feel while modernizing to a degree. Below are some advantages of a wooden museum display showcase that combines an antique look with modern benefits.

Clarity and Safety

Unlike the display table or desk, the wooden museum display showcase developed by DG Master of Display Showcase has a frameless glass display that gives a clear 360° view of the objects on display.

The glass is 6mm laminated, offering greater clarity with additional security.

This museum display showcase from China is built to improve safety and offer exhibitions UV protection.


This shatters both the foot traffic issue and space issues museums using the typical table display will experience.


The museum display showcase from China can be customized to fit the aesthetics of your museum or gallery.

You can decide on the displays' color, veneer, and dimensions to ensure they fit seamlessly into your interior design.

This means that whether or not you decide to renovate or update an entire museum or only a few displays, it will complement existing collections.

Visual Appeal

Unlike the standard wooden display, these museum display showcases have a wooden top and wooden stand. The top of the glass case doesn't obscure the exhibit — like on a traditional wooden display showcase — but adds to the aesthetics, as does the wooden stand, which works as storage.

Better Storage

The wooden storage beneath the glass display creates additional storage space. This can be used as a space-saving solution to carry pieces that would otherwise need separate storage, or it can be used to pack away displays for safekeeping when they're not in display.


The table display doesn't offer these features and instead means that valuable square footage is unusable.

Easy Viewing

These wooden museum display showcases allow more visitors to see the display without having to crowd around the showcase. This showcase lifts the exhibits to eye level, making the viewing easier.

More Displaying Space

The wooden museum display showcase has as much as three to four times the display space in height as the average wooden display showcase.

This allows you to showcase several exhibitions that otherwise wouldn't be able to fit in the standard museum showcase.

How a History Museum Benefits from a Museum Display Showcase from China

When it comes to innovative design, China has taken the lead among the world's top manufacturers.

Manufacturers in China have established themselves at the forefront of developing cutting-edge museum displays that are not only functional but also visually appealing.


Because of these cutting-edge designs, a museum display showcase from China is beneficial because it allows museums to cost-effectively access modern advancements in design and security. These displays have been developed to help museums modernize without distracting from their exhibits.


In fact, showcases manufactured in China are more appropriate for the modern visitor and appeal to a broader audience. They enhance the museum's look, complementing the era while enabling visitors to immerse themselves in the exhibit.


Through a greater understanding of the industry and its concerns, manufacturers from China, like DG Master of Display Showcase, have managed to set a new standard in the world of museum display showcases. The company's attention to detail and commitment to excellence sets them apart.


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