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How to judge the quality of museum display showcases?

Xi'an Museum


Project Briefing and Building Overview: The museum is a national comprehensive museum located in China. Founded in 1944, it is one of the museums with the longest history, the largest scale, and the richest collections in China. Its architectural style combines ancient Chinese architectural art and modern design, showing strong traditional Chinese cultural elements. The museum's collections are rich and diverse, mainly divided into three categories: history, cultural relics, and art. Among them, the historical exhibitions mainly display the history and culture of Shanxi from prehistoric times to modern times, including Paleolithic sites, ancient tombs of the Qin and Han Dynasties, and murals from the Tang Dynasty. The exhibits of cultural relics cover a wealth of cultural relics such as bronzes, ceramics, calligraphy and painting, and jade. The art exhibitions showcase the artistic achievements of ancient Chinese paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, and so on. The museum is committed to disseminating ancient Chinese civilization and local historical culture to the public, providing visitors with an important place to learn about ancient Chinese history and culture.

The showcase in the museum is for display, it can be used in many places, but what everyone does not know is that the characteristics of the showcase in different areas of use are also different, the showcase is a very special existence, because inside all kinds of cultural relics are placed, so its quality must meet the standard. So how should we judge its quality?

1. Among the museum display showcase, the museum glass display showcase is a widely used museum display showcase. Its display and safety are both important evaluation indicators for people to buy a museum glass display showcase. When light passes through the medium, it will change, and the museum glass display showcase is no exception. Its display showcases nature simply to see the exhibits in the museum showcased through the glass.

2. Museum glass display showcase with high light transmittance has little loss when light passes through the glass. Visitors who come to visit will have the intimacy of face-to-face conversation, just like barrier-free communication. The current museum glass display showcase basically adopts ultra-clear glass with 90% light transmittance eliminating the disadvantage of greenish glass in the past.

3. The reflectivity of the museum glass display showcase is different from the light transmittance. The lower the better, this is easy to understand. The higher the reflectivity, the less you can see the exhibits inside. Now good glass craft factories can put The reflective rate below 1%, basically, you can't see yourself during the visit, and the true appearance of the exhibits is meticulously restored.

4. One disadvantage of tempered glass is that the larger the area, the easier it is to explode. Therefore, the glass surface with a large area will be divided into several pieces. Of course, the area of the current museum display showcase is really pediatric compared to the super-large tempered glass of the building, so there is basically no self-explosion phenomenon.

When purchasing or using a display showcase, it is best to choose a reputable display showcase manufacturer, ensure that the glass used meets safety standards, and consult professionals for more detailed advice. The quality of showcase glass is directly related to the safety and viewing effect of exhibits, so it should be carefully selected. If you have any questions about the showcase, welcome to consult DG Display Showcase! More information coming soon. Stay tuned for further details...

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