Maintenance skills of solid wood display showcase

Solid wood display showcase surface veneer paste are used imported glue or domestic high-quality adhesive bonding, bonding is very tight, at the same time because of special treatment, very few cracking bulging possibility, so it will not be afraid of water, but still pay attention to the use of solid wood display showcase do not try not to spray water on top of the cleaning or often placed in a humid place, and also do not use a wet rag to wipe the most insurance.

In many display showcase, solid wood display showcase are still more important and complex than ordinary materials to maintain the display showcase, because of its value, but also let people take good care of it.Specifically, the maintenance of solid wood display showcase should pay attention to the following aspects:

1.Pay attention to the display showcase surface cleaning and maintenance

Solid wood display showcase surface coated with a variety of lacquer, the maintenance of its paint film and maintenance is particularly important, once the paint film is damaged not only affects the surface aesthetics, and will further affect the internal structure of the showcase. So should often keep the appearance of the showcase clean, every day available pure cotton dry soft cloth gently wipe off the surface of the floating dust, every once in a while, with wringing out the moisture of the wet cotton wool will showcase nooks and crannies of the accumulated dust finely wiped clean, and then wipe dry with a clean dry soft fine cotton cloth can be wipe dry, but also wipe dry coated with a thin layer of high-quality light wax, wipe out the luster, so that not only maintenance of the solid wood showcase, but also to increase the brightness so as to enhance the And maintain its display effect. But the choice of light wax must be careful, do not use the inferior light wax containing chemical corrosive ingredients.

2.Avoid direct sunlight

Wooden display showcase should try to avoid outdoor sunlight on the display showcase as a whole or part of the prolonged exposure to the sun, its placement is best to avoid sunlight irradiation in the place, or with transparent muslin curtains to separate direct sunlight. In this way, neither affect the indoor lighting, but also make the soft light for the display space to add a few warm and romantic mood, but also to protect the space of the display showcase.

3. Avoid using alcohol, petrol or other chemical solvents to wipe out stains

Solid wood display showcase, if the surface of the stains, do not rub hard, can be warm tea stains gently removed, wait until the moisture evaporates in the original part of the application of a little light wax, and then gently rub several times in order to form a protective film, avoid using alcohol, petrol or other chemical solvents to erase the stains.

4.Avoid placing in a humid environment

In summer, such as indoor moisture or humid places, it is advisable to use thin glue to separate the parts of the display showcase in contact with the ground, and at the same time, let the wall parts of the display showcase keep a gap of 0.51cm distance with the wall to prevent moisture.

5.Avoid scratching by hard objects

When doing the surface cleaning of the display showcase, don't make the hard cleaning tools touch the surface of the display showcase, and pay attention to avoid hard objects scratching when using the display showcase, don't let the hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with or scratch the display showcase, and protect the surface of the display showcase from traces of bruises.

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