The jewelry display showcase is displayed like this, so you don't have to worry about no business.

The jewelry industry used to be asset-heavy and extensively managed. But such a business model is based on the background that demand exceeds supply, and there is a period when products can win. For now, it is obviously not feasible,so the relationship between product display and sales performance in jewelry stores is getting closer and closer.

Today and in the future,the oversupply of products and the serious homogeneity of products make the traditional business model have to evolve and transform into light assets, high IQ, and refined management. Refined management is reflected in professional subdivision and the emergence of independent disciplines, deep digging vertically, and horizontal linking to achieve a healthy brand structure.

Function cognition and ideology of jewelry display

Enhance brand image: Use reasonable product layout, smooth display structure, and beautified display decoration to create a comfortable and beautiful shopping environment,thereby enhancing brand awareness and deepening impression, spreading corporate culture,and deepening brand viscosity.

Improve sales space: By analyzing customer flow lines, commodity price range settings, and display density settings, accurately locate the scientific display positions of popular models and high-priced promotional models, increase sales volume and customer unit price, and thereby improve sales performance.

As for the display skills, it is more based on the whimsy of the active store manager and staff, such as putting out the brand name, heart shape and other shapes that you think look good. What you do most is to maintain the horizontal and vertical display principles. From the perspective of consumer psychology,a professional display structure can prolong the customer's stay in the store, thereby increasing the probability of sales.

Five things to pay attention to when displaying jewelry

1. Ergonomics and service.Customers enter the store and be guided to sit down, which has become the terminal requirement of most brands. However, terminal sales personnel only know how to operate according to regulations, but do not understand the principles.That is,the height of the showcase is 70cm-90cm. Customers can only fall into the golden visual space after they are seated, so that sales staff can better serve customers.

2. Negative impact of density."Mountains of stock" has become an ingrained ideology in gold stores and even jewelry stores. When you display intensively regardless of price range,you will find that the unit price of sales is generally lower. Because the dense display makes customers dazzled and has no choice. As a result, the display of goods has no sense of class, and the most serious thing is that the sales intention is weakened.

3. The theme is clear and the price is sorted.Common jewelry counters are divided into three groups, and the themed products should be displayed in the middle.This is determined by the visual habits of consumers. The middle of many props is designed to be higher than the two sides, because when consumers approach the counter, the middle group is the closest to the eyes of consumers, and the habit of browsing in the center makes the middle group of each showcase a themed display area. From the perspective of visual order, high-priced products should be displayed at the position where the vision first contacts.

4. Group color separation and classification.There is a standard for display, which is "more but not chaotic, less but not empty". Through grouping, the products are separated by color and categories are concentrated, so that the products displayed on the products appear orderly and not chaotic,thereby helping consumers to lock in the purchase needs faster and more accurately.

5. Gradual law of midline.Midline progression,which refers to the visual order of independent groupings.The left counter displays the high point in the middle, the second high point in the right, and the low point in the left. And the grouping on the right should have a high point in the middle,a second high point on the left, and a low point on the right. So that the counter has a stable display structure as a whole and creates a comfortable visual effect.

Future Display Trends of Jewelry Stores

1. Application of display technology.Display technology has been introduced into China for more than ten years, and it was relatively popular in the clothing industry at the beginning of its application. The jewelry industry began to pay attention to display only after it experienced a boom and then fell into a depression. Future jewelry brands will have a good development in brand vision, brand imprint, window design, and display techniques. The use of jewelry display should follow the development experience of clothing display, gradually form a display technique suitable for jewelry stores, and even establish a complete visual marketing system.

2. Functional subdivision and establishment of display department.The current jewelry display division basically takes over all the visual work. The personnel in the construction of the visual marketing system are very thin. From the perspective of display work, it is necessary to set up a special department to do a good job in brand visual marketing through subdividing functions. Functional professionals such as display designers,window designers,and display supervisors form the display department. Only by performing their own duties and operating in an all-round way can the benign operation of the brand be completed through the coordination of the upper management.

3. Visual marketing, use of five senses.Only when the department construction is completed and the functions are subdivided, can the brand's visual marketing system be leveraged. Brand positioning,product planning,engineering space,marketing,display atmosphere, daily sales, and logistics distribution all require terminal display and sales ideas,so that the cooperation between various departments can be done well,visual symbols with brand characteristics can be created, and target consumer groups can be locked. So as to promote the brand taste triggered by vision: the use of marketing techniques such as taste,smell,hearing,touch and so on.

4. Window design will usher in a creative blowout.The homogenization of the jewelry industry is becoming increasingly serious. With the changes in the social development situation,domestic jewelry design has begun to pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights.The development of jewelry props and jewelry window design are also gradually emerging professional talents to operate, instead of blindly copying.

5. Theme and display techniques.Changes in the market environment have created professional talents.The display of jewelry stores will also pay attention to thematic display design, emphasize the layout of terminal products, display structure, and learn professional display techniques. Apply display skills to terminals, emphasize sales intentions, and improve sales performance.

6. The relationship between sales and display.Emphasis on sales is more important on display, because visual merchandising is crucial to jewelry retail.

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