Comparison of Metal Museum showcase and Wooden Museum showcase in Performance

There are primarily two types of museum showcase available in the market: metal museum showcase and wooden museum showcase. However, most manufacturers focus on producing metal museum showcase, which is attributed to the differences in their performance. The following is a comparison of the characteristics between metal museum showcase and wooden museum showcase:

  1. 1.Stability: Wooden museum showcase utilize a wooden frame as the load-bearing structure for the display case itself and the exhibited artifacts, while metal museum showcase use metal frames as the load-bearing structure. Initially, there may not be a significant difference in stability between wooden and metal showcase. However, over time, wooden showcase may experience reduced stability due to factors such as insect infestation, which may require timely replacement to avoid potential damage to the artifacts. On the other hand, assuming the metal showcase meets quality standards, its stability will not undergo noticeable changes over prolonged use. Therefore, metal display cases tend to have a longer lifespan compared to wooden ones.

2.Sealing: Due to the inherent characteristics of wood, it is often challenging to achieve proper sealing in wooden display cases. This can result in difficulties in controlling the temperature and humidity inside the showcase, thereby jeopardizing the preservation environment for the artifacts. Insufficient control of temperature and humidity can lead to the proliferation of numerous microorganisms within the showcase, posing a destructive threat to the artifacts. Metal materials, on the other hand, naturally offer better sealing properties compared to wood. Moreover, precise cutting using professional processing equipment further enhances the sealing of metal display cases, thereby creating a stable preservation environment for the artifacts.

3.Opening Mechanism: Metal display cases generally offer more user-friendly opening mechanisms compared to wooden display cases. Common opening mechanisms for wooden display cases include lift-up, sliding, and transverse. In contrast, metal display cases often feature automatic lifting, automatic opening, and hydraulic opening mechanisms. The limited flexibility in the opening mechanisms of wooden display cases is due to the inability of wood to withstand the forces generated by large-scale automatic opening and closing systems in museum display cases. Large wooden museum display cases without automatic systems require two or more individuals to open and close them.

The aforementioned points provide a comparison between metal museum display cases and wooden museum display cases, serving as a reference for consideration.

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