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Recap of DG Display Showcase's April Live Broadcasts

DG Display Showcase successfully held two exciting live broadcasts in April, attracting a large audience to watch and participate. The live broadcast themes covered two directions: jewelry display cases and museum display cases, allowing viewers to appreciate the different applications and design concepts of display cases in different fields.

jewelry Display showcase broadcast

On April 25, the live broadcast theme was "Have you ever seen pink Cartier?", which focused on jewelry display cases. Through the Pink Cartier project, the design and manufacturing process of display cases were introduced, and the actual application of display cases in jewelry display was demonstrated. The live broadcast showcased high-quality display cases from DG Display Showcase, including island, front, standing, wall-mounted, and hanging display cases, which amazed the audience.

On April 26, the theme of the live broadcast was "New function New design for museum showcase". The latest museum exhibition hall from DG Display Showcase was introduced to highlight the application and design of museum display cases. The business manager of DG Display Showcase introduced the latest display case functions and design concepts to the audience, and demonstrated the latest display case design solutions through visual aids, which generated widespread attention and discussion.

museum showcase broadcast

For this live broadcast, the DG Display Showcase team put in a lot of preparation work to ensure that the content and effect of the live broadcast could reach its best state.

First, the team conducted in-depth research on the themes to ensure that they could provide in-depth and interesting content that meets the needs and expectations of the audience.

Second, the team meticulously planned and designed the content and form of the live broadcast. From the selection of the host to the scene arrangement, from content planning to demonstration design, every aspect was discussed repeatedly and pursued perfection. In the live broadcast on April 25, the host Emily used pink in her clothing and makeup, echoing the theme and adding interest and attraction. In the live broadcast on April 26, the team demonstrated through various methods such as physical display cases, videos, and PPT, to ensure that the live broadcast content was rich and diverse, and the form was novel and unique.

Finally, the team carefully adjusted and tested the technology and equipment of the live broadcast. They ensured that the picture quality and sound effects of the live broadcast could reach the best level, avoiding technical malfunctions and unnecessary troubles.

In summary, this live broadcast was the result of the collective efforts of the DG Display Showcase team in all aspects. Through in-depth research, meticulous planning and preparation, we provided interesting and valuable content and a good viewing experience for the audience.

If you missed the live broadcasts of DG Display Showcase on April 25th and 26th, don't worry! You can still view the live broadcast content through the links on the DG Display Showcase official website. Through these contents, you will better understand our company's design and application, and how we provide innovative and high-quality display cases for our clients. Therefore, if you missed the live broadcast, be sure to click the links to better understand our company's latest developments and achievements.
Link 1: https://fb.watch/kjfb1S1piC/

Link 2: https://fb.watch/kjf9pAmak1/

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