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He Rui Xiang high-end jewelry brand store project

Is your store experiencing sales bottlenecks? DG display showcase solves it for you!

He Rui Xiang high-end jewelry brand store project



Project Briefing and Building Overview: Founded in 1920, He Rui Xiang is famous for its jewelry, jadeite, gold and silver products, which are made with the utmost care and exquisite finish. Positioned in the middle and high-end jewelry consumer market, combined with the inheritance of nearly a thousand years of Chinese jewelry manufacturing skills and design, is committed to providing consumers with jewelry products with culture and stories that can be passed down through the family. In the midst of generations, He Rui Xiang adhere to the "artisan spirit" of continuous innovation, strive for  excellence, continuous breakthroughs, and beyond the self. He Rui Xiang, integration of contemporary aesthetic fashion and social life, with a simple, classic, elegant product style, and dedicated to the development of a "craft value "and "artistic value" of the classic heritage products. Carrying a moment to eternal commitment and touch, the enduring light is like the gentle arms of a lover, eternal companionship, never leave.

Main products:Antique gold rings, antique gold bracelets, gold necklaces, pure gold bracelets, inlaid gold jewelry, K gold jewelry, antique gold and silver jewelry, jadeite

Products we supplied:Jewelry display showcases, jewelry boutique showcases, jewelry high showcases, jewelry front showcases, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry center island display showcases, jewelry curved showcases, jewelry hanging showcases, jewelry vertical display cabinets, VIP jewelry display cabinets, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, negotiation tables, sofas, coffee tables, checkout counters, small mirrors, light boxes, photo frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

As a jewelry brand dedicated to antique gold, HURICHIANG's products are beautifully styled, rich in culture and connotation, but due to fierce competition in the market, it has been difficult to increase sales. So the client approached DG display showcase, hoping we could find a way to break through the existing bottleneck. After the client contacted us, the brand manager personally led the team to DG display showcase for a visit and discussion. During the communication with DG display showcase, we found that the brand manager was not only concerned about our products, but also about our in-depth understanding of their brand products and business philosophy of the market. After more than 4 hours of communication, the brand manager was very satisfied with DG's comprehensive strength and invited the designer and project manager to visit the market in Beijing together.

Then, DG's professional jewelry project team went to Beijing together with the client to investigate the market and understand the consumer demand and industry trend in detail. After returning to the company, the Dinggui team combined the market research results and brand culture to do in-depth understanding and analysis. Finally, a design plan was designed around the Qingming culture.

The design plan mainly includes two aspects: the design of the store space and the design of the product display. The design of the store is mainly based on wood and classical elements to fully demonstrate and highlight the ancient gold culture represented by the brand, and the designers of the DG display showcase used a large number of solid wood elements to emphasize the texture of traditional culture and show the nobility of gold products represented by the brand. In terms of product display, the designers of DG display showcase fully considered the characteristics and cultural connotation of the brand, through the display method and lighting collocation. Gold jewelry and the brand will be melted into one, so that customers can appreciate the charm of classical Chinese culture while shopping.

During the whole design process, the cracking of the solid wood was one of the major concerns of the client. In the design plan, we took this into consideration and took a series of measures to ensure that the solid wood would not have the problem of cracking. First of all, in terms of material selection, we selected high quality solid wood and treated and processed the wood to make its surface sufficiently flat and smooth. In addition, we paid special attention to moisture control of the wood and dried it sufficiently after processing to ensure that the wood would not have problems of cracking and deformation when the environment changed. We also applied a protective film to the surface of the wood to increase its durability and resistance to cracking.

Another issue of great concern to the client was the lighting match. Since the display area is relatively dark, it is very important to match the lighting so that it is not too bright or too dark to avoid affecting the display of the products. For this reason, we carried out detailed lighting design and layout, selected the appropriate lighting brightness and color, and used some special lighting techniques, such as the combination of point light source and surface light source, as well as the angle and height adjustment of the light source, in order to create the best display effect. During the construction process, we also made several adjustments and optimizations according to the actual needs of the client to ensure the best presentation of the lighting effect.

In order to ensure that the whole project is flawless, after the production of the display case is completed, DG display showcase provides customers with a full range of services for transportation and installation in order to ensure the quality of the whole project. First of all, in terms of transportation, we have specially arranged an experienced logistics company to be responsible for transporting the antique gold showcase. We carefully pack and protect each showcase to ensure that it will not be damaged or broken during the transportation process. Secondly, in terms of installation, we sent professional cabinet installers to the customer's site to carefully assemble and debug the cabinets to ensure that the lighting effect and wooden appearance of each cabinet meet the customer's requirements. At the same time, we according to the customer's requirements and the specific situation of the store, the cabinet lighting debugging to the best effect. Finally, after the completion of the whole project, we also carried out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the display cabinets to ensure that no problems will occur in the long-term use of the display cabinets, providing our customers with attentive and thoughtful after-sales service.

After the completion of the project, we communicated with the customer, who expressed great satisfaction with our design scheme and the completion of the whole project. The client thought our design was very much in line with their brand positioning and cultural connotation, and paid great attention to details to present their products perfectly. The client also expressed their appreciation for the service we provided, which was very professional and thoughtful and made the whole project run more smoothly. Finally, the client said that with our help, their sales volume has increased significantly and their brand influence has been strengthened.

Through this cooperation, we helped the client solve the sales bottleneck and brand positioning problems, the client's ancient gold products were better displayed and promoted, the sales performance was significantly improved, and the brand image was enhanced and consolidated. At the same time, we also got the client's recognition and trust, improved the professional level and service quality of DG display showcase, and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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