UAE high-end jewelry chain brand project

What does a design solution look like that wins the approval of a client who is also a designer?

UAE high-end jewelry chain brand project



Project Briefing and Building Overview: The UAE high-end jewelry chain is a brand dedicated to creating unique and stylish jewelry designs, each piece of jewelry is crafted by jewelers inspired by cultural, historical and natural elements from around the world, synthesizing the creativity and craftsmanship of the designers to create unparalleled artistic jewelry. The brand's collection covers a wide range of styles and styles of jewelry, from elegant necklaces to chic rings and earrings, each piece is highlighting the brand: stylish, sophisticated and full of inspiration with a practical philosophy, aiming to provide customers with jewelry pieces of unique meaning and value, bringing a beautiful emotional eye in the sky to every jewelry lover. The brand is also very conscious of sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials and production processes to ensure that its products have a minimal impact on the environment.

Main products: Gold, diamonds, colored gemstones, silver, diamonds rings, gemstone rings, pearl rings, gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, gold-plated necklaces, earrings, pendants

Products we supplied: Jewelry display cabinets, jewelry boutique cabinets, jewelry high cabinets, jewelry front cabinets, jewelry window display cabinets, jewelry center island display cabinets, jewelry curved cabinets, jewelry hanging cabinets, jewelry vertical display cabinets, jewelry hanging cabinets, VIP jewelry display cabinets, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, negotiation tables, sofas, coffee tables, checkout counters, small mirrors, light boxes, photo frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

Founded in 1999, DG Display Showcase is a company specializing in the design and production of high-end display cabinets, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, high-value display cabinets that meet their needs for quality, aesthetics, and practicality. In 2020, DG Display Showcase partnered with the UAE-based high-end jewelry chain, a jewelry brand with a strong reputation in the Middle East for its high quality, innovative design, and excellent service, to provide the brand with a new shop design and high-quality jewelry display cabinets, a partnership that had many challenges and elements to share.

This was the first time the client sourced in China, and as this was a project that the client took very seriously, the client was very careful in the selection of suppliers. The client visited many jewelry showcase suppliers in China, but in the process of preliminary communication and docking, they were not very satisfied. When we came to DG display showcase, first I took the client to visit our marketing center, showroom, and factory. After that, we provided the customer with many cases and materials for reference. During the communication with the whole professional team of DG display showcase, the client expressed great satisfaction that we not only understood the client's needs quickly but also gave advice from a professional perspective, which was the key to our cooperation with the client.

During the communication, we learned that the client is also a designer and has a clear understanding of the style and positioning of the store. Then DG display showcase's professional designers combined the client's needs, brand positioning, customer groups, and other factors to create a design plan for the client. At first, the client was not very satisfied, but after more than a month-long communication, collision, and repeated revisions, the plan was finally finalized.

The project as a whole adopts a modern and luxurious style, using simple lines and large areas of gold as the main color, with a change of brass-colored metallic and wooden materials to create a noble and luxurious atmosphere. At the same time, in the lighting design, a variety of lighting techniques are used to create a dynamic and rich spatial atmosphere through the effects of light projection and focus, making the jewelry on display more outstanding. The overall style is simple and atmospheric without losing sophistication, which not only highlights the noble quality of jewelry but also allows customers to have a better immersion and viewing experience. It is worth mentioning that the entire store design has a strong sense of space and technology. The design plan makes full use of the store space to create a spacious and open feeling, with reasonable space division, which helps to plan the store movement and improve the comfort of customers. At the same time, advanced technology, including intelligent opening systems, intelligent adjustable lighting systems, etc., was used extensively to enhance the sense of fashion and technology of the entire display area, while enabling customers to understand the details and characteristics of the jewelry more intuitively.

After the design plan was completed, we started to enter the process of placing orders and production. Everything in the project went smoothly according to the design plan, but the client was very detail-oriented and therefore asked us to sample the product before mass production. After the proofing was completed, the client flew from Dubai to the production site again. During the inspection, we found that one of the display cabinets had a slight shaking, so we started to communicate with the client about the solution. At first, we were all trapped by this problem, but the client attached great importance to this project, and the team of DG display showcase was also very cooperative, and we discussed and tried together for this problem. After many tests, we finally solved the problem and made the display case perfect, which is the result of DG and the client's joint efforts. In this process, we attach great importance to communication with customers, not shifting responsibilities to each other, but as a team to face and solve the problem together, we are also very grateful for the support and trust given to us by customers.

After the proofing was completed, DG display showcase started to be mass-produced and trial-assembled in the factory. After the trial installation, the customer flew in from Dubai once to inspect the product. The customer inspected every aspect and every detail of the product, including size, material, workmanship, etc. Finally, the customer was very satisfied with our finished product. We then arranged for a professional logistics company to deliver the display case to the customer's store location as scheduled and provided the customer with detailed installation drawings, installation videos, online installation guidance, and training for daily use, maintenance, and emergency measures.

The successful completion of the project not only gave the client a perfect jewelry store, but also gave them a very influential and impressive image in the local area, and helped enhance their business. At the same time, DG display showcase also gained a lot of experience and lessons from this project. Through the continuous efforts of both sides in the project, the trust and communication between us and the client became deeper, allowing us to better understand their needs and provide them with more intimate and professional services, which also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between both sides. In the following days, DG display showcase will always adhere to the concept of heartfelt service, with the most professional service attitude, the most high-quality and efficient work efficiency to every customer who comes to DG display showcase, to help customers achieve brand value and influence, and strive to create a national brand in the field of Chinese display cases and the most powerful display case brand in the world!

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