Australian high-end jewelry brand project

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Australian high-end jewelry brand project



Project Briefing and Building Overview: This is a 29-year-old, world-renowned collection of high-end jewelry brands. The brand focuses on selling luxury jewelry, including GUCCI, Hermes, Cartier and other internationally renowned brands, and is one of the more well-known luxury collection stores in Australia. The store has a wide selection of product styles, both elegant and noble classic styles, as well as avant-garde and fashionable modern styles, suitable for a variety of different personalities and occasions. The brand is also always customer-centric, treating each customer with integrity and care, adhering to the business philosophy of "creativity, quality, integrity and care", providing personalized service to each customer and building long-term trust and relationships with them. We are committed to bringing the best jewelry experience to our customers. Whether you're looking for a stunning engagement ring, a statement necklace or a special gift for your loved one, you'll find something at this store.

Main products: Colored gemstones, jadeite, emerald, rose gold, diamond, pearl, gold, silver, K gold, gemstone inlaid rings, bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, earrings, studs, etc.

Products we supplied: Jewelry display showcases, jewelry boutique showcases, jewelry wall showcases, jewelry front showcases, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry center island display showcases, jewelry curved showcases, jewelry hanging showcases, jewelry upright showcases, VIP jewelry display showcases, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, negotiation tables, sofas, coffee tables, checkout counters, small mirrors, light boxes, photo frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

The first time the client learned about DG Display Showcase was at the live event. Among many companies, the client had a deep impression of DG, and at that time the client did not communicate with us but followed us silently. After the event, the client got in touch with us through a local construction company. Although the customer had strict requirements for the design, size, and details of the display case, after the customer had already inspected our professionalism and workmanship at the event site, the customer was also very positive about our strength. After the third party got in touch with us, the first time we sent the customer's drawings to ask whether they could be realized. After receiving the positive reply from DG display showcase, the client commissioned the third party to come to DG Display Showcase's factory for site inspection and process matching.

After the third party came to DG Display Showcase, we led them to visit DG's factory. During the visit, the client gave high recognition to our professionalism, process, and service, and the cooperation relationship was confirmed. Before the project started, DG Display Showcase's professional jewelry showcase project team and the third party conducted an in-depth communication and discussion based on the drawings provided by the client to assist the client in making a perfect product that meets their requirements. The third-party expressed the client's needs and concerns to us, while DG Display Showcase also gave the client a lot of advice from a professional perspective. Since the third party also had some professional knowledge, the whole communication process was very smooth and efficient.

This client is a boss who pays great attention to details. He not only has his own unique views on the design of the store but also has very strict requirements on the size of the products, the curvature of the articulation, and other details. Among them, the production material of the store display case is made of a large number of metal materials, and the thickness is higher than average, which makes the customer pay great attention to the uniformity of the metal material. Compared with other customers, he has very high requirements on the detail of metal material uniformity, which is a very good opportunity for DG team to improve.

In order to meet the customer's requirements, DG's professional design and production team adopted a series of technical means to ensure the uniformity of the metal material after thorough discussion and process improvement. First of all, we are very careful in the material selection process and only choose metal materials of superior quality to ensure the consistency of the metal material quality of each display case. Secondly, in the production process, we strictly follow the size and articulation curvature requirements proposed by customers to ensure the consistency of the size and articulation curvature of each showcase. Finally, we ensure the consistency of the metal thickness of each showcase through a series of testing and acceptance processes, so as to achieve the customer's requirements for the uniformity of the metal material.

The resolution of this issue allowed the next project to enter the production phase smoothly. During the production process, DG display showcase strictly follows the customer's drawings and requirements to ensure the production of high-quality jewelry display cases that meet the customer's requirements. During the production period, we will share the production progress with the customer from time to time, and the third party will also come to the production site to communicate and deal with any problems that arise in a timely manner. After the production was completed, the customer came to DG display showcase's factory to inspect the goods personally, the customer was very satisfied, but at the same time, the customer also gave us another demand. The customer said: I am very satisfied with your showcase, I want to present the same effect in my store, including this piece of glass, I also want to keep it perfect and not cut it.

There was an "L" shaped piece of glass in the whole project, and the client wanted this piece of glass to arrive at the store intact, along with other products, by air. From the perspective of experience and safety, DG display showcase advised the client to cut the glass and transport it, but the client insisted on transporting the whole piece in order to pursue the perfect result. As expected, the glass was a little bit broken when it arrived at the customer's site, and finally, the customer had to solve the problem locally. Here DG display showcase reminds everyone that in the process of long-distance transportation of bulky goods, do not pursue perfection excessively, and first of all, safety should be the main concern.

In addition to optimal design, production, and transportation, we also provided our customers with installation guidance, after-sales care, and maintenance services. DG Display Showcase met with our customers again at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show in 2023, and our customers were very excited to say: I am very satisfied with your service. My stores are very beautiful and business is good. Thank you very much. DG would also like to thank our customers for their continuous support and trust. Every time we work together DG grows, which is a more valuable gain than money for a company. We will continue to understand our customers' needs and market trends, and we are committed to providing our customers with quality products and services, as well as more personalized and innovative solutions.

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