High-end jewelry chain brand display project In Bahrain

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High-end jewelry chain brand display project In Bahrain



Project Briefing and Building Overview: This is a Bahrain-based luxury jewelry retailer dedicated to attracting customers by offering some of the world's most prestigious watches and jewelry. They have a presence in various market segments with a comprehensive selection of brands, well-laid-out retail stores, and selected branded boutiques. The brand has seven boutiques in Bahrain, Its products include brands such as Cartier, IWC Schaffhausen, Officine Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Van Cleef & Arpels, Messika, Versace, and Bottega Veneta. Their dynamic approach to business conveys the new spirit of Bahrain and shares the country's ambition to diversify its economy. Since its inception, the brand has been upholding the core values of trust, excellence, integrity, and inclusion, providing customers with a wider selection of brands and the best jewellery collection according to their needs, meeting their high expectations with their superior expertise and service. In the future, the brand will continue to follow the latest development trends, persevere in innovation, and expand its number of well-known brands to exceed the expectations of customers in Bahrain and throughout the Middle East region.

Main products:  Diamonds, colored jewels, emeralds, emeralds, sapphires, ruby rose gold, pearls, gold, silver, K gold, gemstone set rings, bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, earrings, High jewelry watches, High fashion watches, luxury quartz watches

Products we supplied: Jewelry showcase, jewelry boutique showcase, jewelry high showcase, jewelry front showcase, jewelry window showcase, jewelry island showcase, jewelry curved showcase, jewelry hanging showcase, jewelry vertical showcase, jewelry wall showcase, VIP jewelry showcase, jewelry experience table, negotiation table, sofa, cashier counter, carpet, logo, jewelry experience chair, imported ultra-clear ultra-white mirror, cashier counter, hanging showcase, wall showcase, flip-up showcase, photo frame, image wall

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

Many luxury brand chains often face many pain points and challenges in the process of opening high-end shopping malls and renovating hotels. Next, we will use the successful cooperation case of DG Display Showcase with Bahraini customers to show you how DG successfully solves various problems of Bahraini customers through professional services and perfect landing solutions.

This is a luxury brand with multiple products such as high-end jewelry and high-end watches, which requires a comprehensive upgrade of the store image in the store renovation to better present the value of the brand. However, the customer's high-quality requirements, diversified product display, irregular store layout, etc., have become problems to be solved in the project, which has brought no small challenge to the cooperation.

DG Display Showcase, as a professional showcase design and manufacturing enterprise, deeply understands the pain points and needs of customers. Through in-depth communication with our customers, we have a comprehensive understanding of their wishes and needs. From brand positioning, and consumer groups to sales models, we come up with practical solutions.

In terms of design, DG team has established a high degree of tacit understanding through repeated communication with customers, accurately grasped the brand positioning of customers, integrated modern, fashionable, and simple design elements into the store image, multi-level visual effects, giving people a bright and luxurious visual enjoyment; At the same time, the golden lines create a high-level sense of the store, and the use of light gray veneer and white marble makes the whole store more stable and luxurious. Designers also carefully layout, the sales area, cash register area, negotiation area, and VIP area reasonable division, at the same time humanized design as an important consideration, whether it is the front cabinet, wall cabinet, or negotiation table all corners of the corner design and intelligent lighting dimming system, to create a stunning visual effect.

For the material and process requirements, DG also spares no effort. In the face of customers' special material requirements, DG procurement team gave full play to supply chain resources, successfully found and developed special high-end materials, to ensure that the product achieved a breakthrough while retaining brand characteristics. Send samples repeatedly through international express, confirm with customers, and finally make the whole project show the best effect. Glass permeability is also a point of great concern to customers, in order to improve customer visual experience, DG uses special jewelry ultra clear crystal glass process and glass edge crystal polishing treatment, so that the display area has a high light transmittance while the product display has a high degree of restoration and perfect display of the product itself.

In terms of product display, due to the high flexibility of customers' requirements for window displays, in addition to the appearance design, not only pay attention to how to perfectly display products in a full range but also pay great attention to the function and display and storage functions. According to the needs of customers, DG's professional solution designers, lighting layout designers, and soft clothing collocation designers, together with the idea, collision, put forward innovative solutions such as arc modeling, double-sided window, so as to achieve a diversified display effect.

In terms of installation and transportation, because the whole store is irregular shape, and the customer takes into account the high difficulty of transportation and installation of large wall cabinets, can the site be smoothly installed? To this end, DG provides customers with high-quality one-stop service to ensure that the showcase from the front-end design to the whole store installation achieves perfect landing. Before production, DG has more than 10 years of experience in a professional engineering team will be based on customer site conditions and size reasonable grasp to ensure that the size is correct; Before delivery, DG has a quality inspection and control department that will debug and install the showcase before delivery to ensure that customers can install it normally and smoothly on site. At the same time, it will simulate the possible situation of on-site installation, and do a good job of avoiding professional advice in advance. Before the goods leave the factory, we will provide customers with professional installation drawings and technical guidance, as well as the correct use of the exhibition cabinet guide. DG considers customers from all aspects and provides customers with rigorous service quality supervision.

This collaboration is not only about product manufacturing and store renovation but also a cross-culture and cross-field collaborative creation. DG through close cooperation with customers, the customer's needs into creative design, creative design into exquisite technology. In the process of project development, although there are many problems, but in the face of each problem, DG has put forward practical solutions, through professional design, precision manufacturing, and strict quality inspection, to ensure the smooth progress of the project. Finally realized the overall upgrade of the store image.

In the process of cooperation, customers are full of praise for DG. They spoke highly of DG's professional service team, efficient cooperation mode, humanized design, and exquisite workmanship quality. With the help of DG, the customer completed the renovation of the store in a short time, opened on schedule, and achieved the expected results. The customer said after the completion of the project, "Quality is reflected by details and user experience, DG for us to do the cabinet, really very humane, really for our users to consider every detail, although the market is more than one good quality, but really can do humanization for consumers to take into account the problem of manufacturers, really only DG one, very satisfied and moved."

This cooperation between the Bahraini customer and DG Display Showcase is not only a business cooperation, but also a cultural exchange and creative collision. The tacit understanding and cooperation between the two sides allow the value of high-end brands to be maximized and also allow DG to establish a good reputation and image on the international stage. This cooperation story will shine a unique light in the long river of time.

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