Swarovski's High-End Jewelry Brand Flagship Store Project

See how DG helped Swarovski flagship store successfully create a crystal-like premium feeling?

Swarovski's High-End Jewelry Brand Flagship Store Project

Guangdong, China

Project Briefing and Building Overview: This project is a high end jewelry and crystal brand store. Since 1895, Swarovski has been pursuing excellence in crystal cutting in accordance with the mission of its founder Daniel Swarovski. His passion for innovative design has earned Swarovski an international reputation as a leading jewelry and accessories brand. Today, the Swarovski family continues this tradition of creating unique fashion styles for girls everywhere. Swarovski's commitment to conscious luxury consumption and its positive actions and attitude towards the industry, coupled with the development of materials and technologies that keep pace with the times, have made Swarovski the market leader in cut crystal.

Main products: Necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, men's bracelets, women's bracelets, watches

Products we supplied: Glass cover jewelry display showcase, curved glass display showcase, glass jewelry straight line showcase, glass jewelry display showcase, glass jewelry boutique showcase, glass high showcase, jewelry glass front showcase, jewelry window display showcase, jewelry island display showcase, jewelry curved showcase, jewelry wall showcase, jewelry standing showcase, VIP jewelry display showcase, jewelry props, jewelry experience table, sofa, coffee table, checkout counter, small mirror, light box, picture frame, ceiling light, carpet, logo

Services we supplied: Design, Proofing, Production, Transportation, Installation, After-sales maintenance and repair

In 2017, the world-renowned crystal manufacturer Swarovski China general agent through the network channel to understand the DG display showcase in doing jewelry showcase, luxury showcase has very rich project experience, holding the group brand concept of high standards of implementation and Swarovski Group high-end brand strategy concept, the Chinese general agent attaches great importance to the brand image of the display case design. After understanding that we are their intended jewelry display case manufacturer, he and their purchasing team came to DG Display Showcase factory for inspection. In the process of inspection, their team is very satisfied with our entire factory's scale strength and standard management, after the inspection their brand leadership reflects the situation; brand leadership for the display case manufacturer's choice is very strict, because, before that, they also found several jewelry display case manufacturer comparison, the brand leadership personally over the inspection, comprehensive project experience, service experience, and process details, etc. All aspects found that our standards and their brand positioning were highly compatible, and finally chose to cooperate with us and discuss the details of cooperation needs attention.

Through communication, we learned that the client's project was handled by a designer from Hong Kong to interface with us. After we made the quotation and budget for them and integrated the design concept of their designer, our professional designer made the optimization and improvement of the drawing scheme. After the collision of both sides' wisdom, DG Display Showcase designed a set of crystal-like space designs for Swarovski in line with the brand image. During the implementation of the plan, the client paid great attention to the 45-degree glass splicing process, as well as the opening method and lighting effect. DG Display Showcase has also done comprehensive consideration and testing in the production process. 

Especially the 45 degree splicing is very challenging for the factory, once the process is not well grasped, it is easy to break and cause material waste. DG display case combines the precise cutting of the high technology processing edge grinding machine and the careful and skilled hand of the operator, through the straight edge vertical mirror, beveled edge grinding a bevel of about 10 degrees from the mirror, perfectly put together 2 pieces of glass with a 45 degree beveled edge into a 90 degree angle, making the glass seamlessly and perfectly connected. The opening method has been improved by using high-quality silent track to open the lock, which improves the beauty and convenience of the display case. DG display showcase takes into account the reflection and blinding phenomenon of the glass and the direct light at close distance, our master craftsmen combined with the space height and lighting area of the brand store to present a comfortable lighting experience for customers.

After the production was completed and tested, DG Display Showcase assisted the client to provide transportation services. As the display glass of this project involves a particularly large area, in order to transport the glass showcase to the customer's site intact, we strictly follow the international standard packaging with 6 layers of tightly packed inside and outside. The installation of the whole project was done by DG display showcase's installation master with more than 10 years of experience. At the site, we also provide customers with guidance on display case maintenance and upkeep. When the whole project landed perfectly, the moment the site lights up, the image of the whole store perfectly fits the elegant and noble temperament of Swarovski brand swan. The customer couldn't stop smiling when accepting the store and kept praising the splicing process we did and the texture of the glass was very good. 

What's more, our customers have been returning our orders and recommending us to many high-quality customers. DG Display Showcase would like to thank the brand for their trust and support, and we will always adhere to the concept of heartfelt service, with the most professional service attitude and the most high quality and efficient work efficiency to every customer who comes to DG Display Showcase, to help customers achieve brand value and influence, and strive to create China's national brand in the field of display showcases and the world's most powerful display showcase brand!

In this project cooperation, the most used in the customer's store is the glass display showcase. We all know that high-quality jewelry display cases in the invisible can enhance the grade of jewelry, stimulate people's vision to enhance people's desire to buy, to prolong the service life of jewelry display cases, then we must be in the daily use of reasonable maintenance, but also to avoid artificially caused by the damage. Today, DG display showcase to share with you the jewelry glass display showcase maintenance skills, hope that your jewelry glass display showcase can be as new as day.

1. Preliminary cleaning of the glass surface. Use a clean cotton cloth to gently shake off the dust attached to the glass surface, if there is more dust, first spray the glass surface with alcohol (or pure water), and then use a cotton cloth for preliminary cleaning work. It is strictly forbidden to clean the glass surface directly with non-wet cotton cloth in the dry state, which is easy to scratch the glass surface.

2. Use special cleaning tools. Check that the fabric is soft, clean, free of hard particles, and lint-free. Spray the special cleaning agent on the fiber fabric and penetrate into the fabric.

3. The "circle" way to wipe. Using a soaked fiber cloth, gently clean the glass surface with circles in the same direction, so that no glass surface is missed during the cleaning process. Note that the circle is in the same direction, not "three left, three right".

4. Special cleaner. If the jewelry display showcases glass stained with more difficult to clean stains, you can use Clorox cleaner dip in water with a loose cloth scrub, this type of cleaner has good water solubility, can be attached to the glass surface, a wipe on the net, and will not leave scratches and cloth marks, no water marks after washing and a fragrant smell. Also, keep in mind that you can not use acid and alkaline liquids for cleaning.

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