French high-end luxury perfume international chain brand display project

Are you still worried about the accelerated evaporation of perfume in the cabinet due to high temperature?

French high-end luxury perfume international chain brand display project


Project Briefing and Building Overview: This is a perfume brand born in 2001 in Arabia, it began as an Arabian perfumer for the royalty and nobility to make exclusive woody fragrances, made from Arabian woods fused with the essence of French perfume. Among many perfume brands, the brand's obsession with incense ebony can be said to be unique, with no less than 30 to 40 different items in the Aoud incense ebony collection alone, matching this one fragrance with an unimaginable number of patterns. In 2003, the brand's founder created a perfume company in Paris and continued to blend ebony with a variety of rare wood elements such as frankincense, resin, amber, and cedar, and a thousand wonderful fragrance notes to create more perfume items. In addition to the love of ebony, the brand is also quite creative in packaging, the brand perfume all use aluminum bottles, which perfume perfectly protected from the light, and then decorated the bottle with different colors, in many perfume brands, a shiny colored aluminum bottle also looks like a unique flavor. In addition to the love of ebony, the brand is also quite creative in packaging, the brand perfume all use aluminum bottles, which perfume perfectly protected from the light, and then decorate the bottle with different colors, in many perfume brands, a shiny colored aluminum bottle also looks like a unique flavor.

Main products: Flavours, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette,Cologne, Fragrance water

Products we supplied: Perfume display showcase, perfume boutique cabinet, perfume high showcase, perfume front cabinet, perfume window display showcase, perfume center island display cabinet, perfume curved showcase, perfume wall cabinet, perfume standing showcase, perfume hanging cabinet, VIP perfume display cabinet, perfume display props, perfume experience table, cashier desk, lightbox, picture frame, ceiling light, carpet, logo

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, after-sales maintenance and repair

The perfume brand is counted as a long-time customer of DG Display Showcase, from the signing of the cooperation agreement with DG Display Showcase in 2014, nearly 40 stores have been completed so far. DG has reached a long-term strategic partnership with the brand, and become the brand's designated perfume display case supplier.

The relationship with the brand actually started from a chance encounter when the client inadvertently browsed the information of DG Display Showcase on the Internet and was impressed. Since the client did not need the perfume showcase urgently at that time, he did not make any contact with DG but just kept silently following DG's development on the internet. In 2014, the client planned to upgrade the store and needed to redesign the overall image of the store, and the client thought of DG at this time first.

The client first indicated their needs to us via email and WhatsApp, and had a brief understanding of DG. As the client was very focused on this brand image upgrade, and the client was looking for a quality display case supplier who could reach a long-term cooperation. Therefore, in addition to the production process of display case suppliers, whether they have the ability to optimize the design drawings is also a point of great concern to customers. After understanding this point, DG invited the brand team to visit our company in order to establish a good cooperation basis, DG display showcase led customers to visit the company's marketing center, exhibition hall, and factory, customers have a comprehensive understanding of DG's business philosophy, past cooperation cases and production of finished products and expressed approval, and then confirmed the cooperation relationship.

The client provided us with a unified brand image, and DG only had to optimize it according to the products displayed by the client and the customers' usage habits. First, in order to match the brand's unique aluminum packaging, DG display showcase's senior design team upgraded the brand's original display base, breaking the perfume's conventional layer placement and using jewelry display to show the high-end perfume's noble temperament.

Then, for the display case to increase the metal brushed inlay process lines, using the golden division, to create a high-end atmospheric visual effect. Finally, we will replace the ordinary baking lacquer process for high gloss piano baking lacquer process, for the hard lines to add a few soft, which are rigid and soft, to create high-end luxury perfume display space. 

For the optimization of the design aspects of the customer is very satisfied, the next is to optimize the display cabinet production process. Because the store as a whole is light tone, so the display cabinet is also used light-colored wood veneer. The high gloss process of light-colored veneer is a test of technology, there must not be any defects and stains. To achieve this effect, not only the technology is tested, but also the raw material requirements are very high, DG has been strict from the beginning of the selection of materials, coupled with exquisite technology, and the final result is very satisfactory.

As we all know, good lighting atmosphere can increase the beauty of the store and the products in the cabinet and customer experience, enhance the opportunity to order. But the light will emit heat, the temperature is too high will accelerate the evaporation of perfume, so in order to ensure the effect of light at the same time, improving the heat dissipation performance of the display cabinet will become a difficult point to overcome in this display cabinet process.DG's professional process research and development team and designer team held intense discussions based on this actual situation and finally decided to achieve this goal by changing the internal structure and heat dissipation structure of the showcase while replacing the light bars with low-reflective light bars for perfume. When the customer inspected the goods at the factory, he also praised this: the problem of perfume volatilization accelerated by high temperature has existed since the establishment of the first store. In this figure we also consulted the need for display case manufacturers but did not get a solution, your DG display showcase really surprised me!

The first batch of completed perfume display cabinets successfully passed the brand's high standard and strict requirements inspection, and then were successfully shipped to France. At the same time, we also sent DG professional overseas installation team to France to provide on-site installation services for customers. We also provide systematic training to the store users for the daily use, maintenance, and emergency measures of the display cabinets. Whether optimizing the design, production, transportation, or on-site installation, customers are very recognized and assured of our service and professionalism.

Although a long-time client, each collaboration with the fragrance brand has been different for DG, but the same thing is that it has brought a new visual experience to the client. The client mentioned in a chance conversation: what made us work with DG for a long time was never marketing, but your ability to meet our needs for display cases and good service attitude, which made us feel very comfortable. At the very beginning, your display on the network was very simple, but I could see that you were serious about designing, developing, and producing display cabinets. The successful completion of the first store also verified my view. Although you have made some achievements in the field of display cabinets, you have never stopped making progress over the years. "Professional because of focus"! This phrase is perfect for DG Display Showcase.

After that, DG display showcase will continue to maintain a professional and high-quality attitude and present more innovative and high-quality design solutions and products to you. If you have any demand for display cases, please feel free to contact us.

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