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High-End Jewelry Chain Brand Project In Dubai

See how DG enhances the luxury of jewelry stores for customers?

High-End Jewelry Chain Brand Project In Dubai


Project Briefing and Building Overview: This project is a luxury multi-brand jewelry boutique that elegantly combines classic and contemporary styles. The brand wants to bring consumers not only noble and elegant dignity, but also a groundbreaking concept to inspire people to discover and experience every difference in life. Leading the present with the light of dreams and discovering the future with innovative thinking. The main design concept follows the idea of the product itself, breaking through the tradition, simple but not losing its dignity. The pursuit of simple and generous design to avoid redundancy. The avant-garde high-grade brushed brass runs through the whole space, showing distinctive personality, displaying rich and atmospheric shape, simple but not unrefined. Mainly high-end line, service high-end people, design high-end products, in the delivery of the overall brand concept, the overall design, pay great attention to the sense of design and brand, reflect the unique temperament and charm of women, celebrate the personal spirit that makes women different.

Main products: Diamonds, colored gemstones, layered necklaces, bracelets, rings, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pendants

Products we supplied:Glass jewelry display showcases, glass jewelry boutique showcases, glass high showcases, jewelry front showcases, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry island display showcases, jewelry curved showcases, jewelry wall showcases, jewelry upright showcases, VIP jewelry display showcases, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, sofas, coffee tables, checkout counters, small mirrors, light boxes, picture frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Drawing deepening, Production,Transportation, Installation

In September 2019, DG display showcase cooperated with a high-end client from Dubai. Due to the different language habits of the client, it took a long time to communicate with the client in the early stage, and the DG display showcase team patiently listened to the client's needs. Through communication, we understand that the customer wants to open a store located in a high-end shopping mall in Dubai, facing the consumer are high-end people in society. So he is very concerned about the professionalism of the jewelry display showcase manufacturers and whether the products are high-end. Coincidentally, this Dubai customer and we met at the international exhibition. At that time he learned through the network channels that we are very professional in doing high-end custom jewelry display showcases, and this deliberately found our booth, he saw our display showcases, for our display cabinet details are very satisfied.

In the process of our cooperation, the customer provided us with the store rendering and simple version of the construction drawings, and detailed their design concept and the effect they want to achieve. Our design team according to their concept, combined with the customer store site conditions to do further drawing deepening, including deepening the internal process and structure of the display cabinet, from the customer's customer's point of view to consider the humanized details, the convenience of frequent use of the product, as well as the customer's experience, so that the product can be perfectly landed. During the communication, we found that the customer did not have much direction in material selection, DG display showcase team combined with the customer's brand concept and mall tone, and designed a set of luxurious and high-end material scheme for the customer, which is convenient for the customer to identify and confirm quickly. After three rounds of details and optimization, DG display showcase finally designed a simple yet noble store solution for the high-end client in Dubai, and the client was very satisfied.

In addition, the client was also very concerned about the delivery time and the detailed features of the display case. As the client was a shopping mall store and wanted to open in time for the local New Year in Dubai, DG display showcase learned that the client's time cycle was very urgent and we decided to give priority to the Dubai client's project after internal discussion and coordination. Based on DG display showcase's professional service attitude and strong comprehensive strength, when we reconfirmed the project details with the client, the client confirmed the same day for us to implement the order immediately. What's more, the client trusts us so much that we helped the client to purchase the sofa and furniture in the whole project from one stop. With such recognition of our professionalism, we must also take responsibility for our clients' products. In the production, DG display showcase treats each display case in strict accordance with ISO9001 production standard, and our craft masters are careful to control the surface and internal details of the products, so that each display case produced meets the standard.

After production is complete, we assist our customers with shipping services. At the same time, we provide professional installation guidance, so that the customer's on-site team can effectively divide and collaborate. From the assembly of display showcases, equipment debugging, functional testing, to the final perfect landing, the whole installation effect maximally restores the whole design concept, even beyond the 3D design, making the whole store image look very high-end and luxurious. Through mutual cooperation, the client finally opened the store in the local New Year as he wished, and not only realized the brand image upgrade, but also received high praise from the brand leaders and the person in charge of the mall, and the result created was very considerable. We will always adhere to the concept of heartfelt service, with the most professional service attitude, the most high-quality and efficient work efficiency to every customer who comes to DG display showcase.

In this project cooperation, Dubai high-end customers pay great attention to the details of the function of the display case, why is a good display case so important for jewelry stores? The following DG display showcase from the function and value of display showcases to tell you.

In the entire retail space in the display cabinet is a direct help brand marketing and money-making tools, for businesses display cabinet layout and design of the entire store reasonable flow, create a good marketing atmosphere, is the key to promote turnover, is also to enhance the turnover of the magic weapon, display cabinet quality is good or bad directly affect the brand image, the brand to build the road is not easy, display cabinet is the main carrier of performance products. The quality of the display case directly affects the value of jewelry, jewelry through the display case and consumers for visual communication, high-end display case can make jewelry more striking, so that customers focus on attention, the desire to consume, by the display case and jewelry to convey the psychological implication. Is how the salesman can talk again can not achieve the effect. Want to achieve the maximum brand, in the positioning of the gap with peers, enhance the brand image with advertising benefits, need high-end display showcases whole store brand layout to achieve the perfect brand image strategy development and implementation, high-end display showcases is also one of the ways to reflect the core competitiveness of enterprises. Many customers always think that the display cabinet is only used for simple display, today's brand influence on the role of enhancing the value of the product means that the value of the display cabinet, is directly linked to the brand image, with high-end display showcases to surpass the competition has been the trend of the times, such as you have a display cabinet custom needs, welcome to contact DG display showcase, we will help you win at the starting line.

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