Myanmar Dignity Gemstone Chain Brand Project

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Myanmar Dignity Gemstone Chain Brand Project



Project Briefing and Building Overview: A prestigious jewelry brand born in the ruby country of Mogok, Rubyland, Myanmar. The founding family of the brand has been active in the local traditional market of gemstones since 1985. After the official establishment of the brand in 2007, combining the most precious natural colors and inspiring exquisite designs. They set out to create their dream of fine jewelry. It is a brand that knows very well the quality of the stones and understands how to bring out the natural beauty of the raw stones through the knowledge of the ideal cut. Through its design, the brand has truly unified color and form in its simple, raw, and precious jewelry. The brand uses unique and innovative designs in a modern concept to create a wide range of exclusive custom jewelry as well as daily jewelry, with a clientele that includes some of the world's most famous brands, celebrities, and public figures.

Main products: Gemstone bracelets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, gemstone pendants, colored gemstone brooches, hair clips, ruby rings, sapphire, tanburite yellow diamond necklaces, spinel diamond necklaces

Products we supplied: Jewelry display showcases, jewelry boutique cabinets, jewelry high cabinets, jewelry front showcases, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry center island display cabinets, jewelry curved cabinets, jewelry wall showcases, jewelry standing cabinets, jewelry hanging showcases, VIP jewelry display showcases, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, sofas, coffee tables, checkout counters, small mirrors, light boxes, picture frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Design, Proofing, Production, Transportation, Installation, After-sales maintenance and repair

The store is located in a high-end shopping mall in Myanmar. Before contacting DG display showcase, the client contacted two other jewelry display case suppliers online, but through understanding and communication, both from the design concept and product quality, the client thought that it did not match with its brand style. Due to the lack of experience in jewelry store design, the client was not only concerned about the quality of the display case itself, but also whether it could provide a one-stop service of design, production, transportation, and installation when seeking a jewelry display case supplier. The client learned online that DG Display Showcase has 23 years of experience in display case manufacturing and often provides one-stop service for high-end customers, which is very much in line with the client's needs.

The client had a lot of ideas and concerns before confirming the partnership with DG, and in order for the project to proceed smoothly. We communicated with the client many times by email, phone, and video. During the communication, DG answered the client's questions and made suggestions from a professional perspective, and the client was very satisfied with DG display showcase's professionalism, responsiveness, and service attitude. We led the client to visit our marketing center, factory, and showroom by video. After seeing our team and the finished products, the client chose to cooperate with us without hesitation.

The client's main products are rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc. made from various colors of high-end gemstones. Therefore, in the store design, we took white and gold as the theme colors of the whole store, with the overall simple and clear layout, so that the whole store easily creates a simple and lavish feeling. In order to avoid the monotonous design of the whole store, we also provided the client with accessories such as mirrors, sofas, carpets, picture frames, etc., so as to increase the sense of hierarchy of the whole space design. The client was very satisfied with the design we provided, and the project went into production smoothly.

The jewelry showcase in the store with classic style, production process is mature, coupled with the production period factory management personnel to do all the integrated production arrangement plans in advance. From the preparation of materials, and production to installation, the entire assembly line with perfect, and finally completed production ahead of schedule, which makes the customer very satisfied. Due to the changing local policy in Myanmar, the customer was very worried that the display case could not be transported to the local area smoothly, so DG started to understand the local policy and contact the freight forwarder to avoid the risk before the cooperation and finally solved the problem of shipping perfectly.

Due to objective reasons, DG was unable to provide on-site installation service for customers. DG display showcase provides professional installation guidance services for customers by recording videos, making installation drawings and one-to-one online installation guidance after the production of display cases, in order to help customers restore the project plan perfectly on the basis of cost savings. The final installation effect also won the high recognition of the customer: "Because of the lack of experience, I have been worried whether this store can be completed smoothly, but now I am proud of my choice, choosing a professional and excellent jewelry display case supplier not only saves time, effort and heart. DG is such a display case supplier that is like a strong needle for customers. "

In this project, DG display showcase provides customers with services including design, production, transportation, and installation, etc.. This one-stop service is very friendly to customers with 0 experience in opening a store, and customers with no experience in opening a store can choose with confidence. You only need to tell us your needs, DG will adhere to the "customer needs as the center" concept, from design to production, to create a unique jewelry store for you. If you are interested in jewelry showcase or have demand, welcome to contact us.

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