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High-end branded integrated chain store project in Ghana

DG takes you learn about the design and production of display showcases for luxury collection stores

High-end branded integrated chain store project in Ghana



Project Briefing and Building Overview: This project is a luxury collection store with over 20 years of experience in operating in the luxury market in Ghana, operating in 13 categories including bags, perfumes, watches, eyewear, jewelry, etc. The luxury brands it represents include LV, Chanel, Oakley, Gucci , Diro, C&T, Valentino, DAMBOLO, Fendi, Prada, Arman and more than 20 internationally renowned luxury brands.Sam Ekuful is the main high-end route, with the concept of "classic is always fashionable and personality", Sam Ekuful has continuously launched a large number of luxury products with extraordinary design in the face of the aristocracy, high class celebrities, senior figures and luxury enthusiasts.

Main products: Excellent watches, casual eyewear, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, aquamarines, rubellite, men's perfumes, women's perfumes, luxury handbags

Products we supplied: Eight corners island watch display showcase, glass jewelry boutique showcase, , glasses front showcase, watch window display showcase, watch island display showcase, glasses curved showcase, watch wall showcase, watch upright showcase, VIP glasses display showcase, watch props, watch experience table, jewelry experience table, high-end sofa, coffee table, jewelry cashier desk, small mirror, light box, picture frame, ceiling light, carpet, logo customization

Services we supplied: Design, Proofing , Production, Transportation, Installation, After-sales maintenance and repair

In February 2019, DG display showcase learned through communication with a third-party service provider that our client was from Ghana, Africa and wanted to create a high-end integrated brand store. As the client had a large design team, the third-party service provider first finished docking with them and then conveyed the client's solution concept to us, the whole process was time-consuming. DG display showcase combined with previous experience of similar projects to understand that the time difference between the client's country and ours is 8 hours. After communication and discussion with the third-party service provider, we make full use of the time difference and solve the client's difficulties one by one during their working time, so as to promote the progress of the project. At the same time, gaining the client's trust is the most crucial point in the cooperation, because this is the first time the client cooperates with us, there are still a lot of worries and concerns.DG display showcase understands our customers' feelings and specially invites them to visit us. Accompanied by our team, the customer visited our showroom. During the visit, the customer could really experience the style, material and color of different showcases, etc. In the face of the questions raised by the customer, our professional team also answered patiently one by one, the customer's doubts in his heart were eliminated at once, and he felt very happy to see the products that meet his own standards.

On the first day after the visit, the client met with our project manager and designer to communicate the design plan. It is worth celebrating that it happened to be our customer's birthday, DG display showcase prepared birthday party for our customer, and our customer was very happy about it. In the following cooperation, we communicate smoothly and understand that the customer is very concerned about the style and price of the display case, and the customer expects to have a very personalized and experienced space design concept. In the process of recommending styles, the client immediately saw DG displaycase's newly designed eight corners island display case, which became their first choice for its unique and elegant appearance.

In the process of plan optimization, our design team used blue and white tones to highlight the texture and seniority of the display showcases, with simple straight lines, outlining the TV wall and sofa wall, durable and trendy, and with simple and fashionable coffee table and sofa, with minimalist and delicate texture. The wall showcases are lined up side by side on the wall according to strict proportional, and the gap between each panel inadvertently reveals the fashionable and modern sense of lines. Combined with the client's brand tone and cost budget, we designed a beautiful and cost-effective design solution for our client.

During the production, DG display showcase combined with large German imported automatic hardware production equipment and craft master's detail control, even very small places, the factory master will polish and burnish , stainless steel butting is more fine processing, in order to ensure that the delivery to the customer's display case perfect. In this process, the customer also entrusted the third-party service provider to our factory to view the progress of goods, the third-party service provider to see we can be so efficient production of high-quality display showcases, can not help but give a thumbs up! After the production was completed, the customer also personally arrived at the DG display showcase site acceptance, and was very excited to see the real thing, which was simply much better than the rendering. At the same time, we actively assisted customers to arrange transportation, using international standard packaging 6 layers of tight packaging inside and outside, in order to protect the product from damage. At the same time, we provided the customer with detailed installation steps and video explanations to facilitate the customer's on-site team to proceed smoothly in the installation process.

After 2 months of cooperation and communication, we received the video of the whole store from the client when the effect of the whole store came out, and their team said: they were so surprised! It completely matches the standard in their mind, and even better than the 3D rendering experience. The vast space gives a psychological comfort and naturalness, and the soft furnishings are particularly beautiful, giving the whole store a visually elegant and unique aesthetic.Soon after the store opened, it attracted many local high-end people to come and visit, and increased their brand influence in the local area.DG display showcase would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Ghanaian customers for their trust and support. We always adhere to the concept of sincere service, and provide the best guidance and recommendation to every customer who comes to DG display showcase with the most professional service attitude and the best quality and efficient work efficiency.

In this project cooperation, customers are very concerned about the style of display showcases. Among them, we mentioned above a high-end luxury boutique display showcase also known as eight corners showcase (island display showcase), is the core of attracting customer attention. In the design of the boutique display showcase, this display showcase break the conventional jewelry display showcase appearance design, folded edge design more characteristic.

The following DG display showcase will tell you more about the advantages and selling points of this eight corners display case.

Compared with the traditional jewelry showcase, this eight corners showcase belongs to the shaped showcase, not only the volume is large, a variety of materials combined together on the process of the challenge is very high, each splicing seam to be very perfect means that the size should be very accurate, then this is a very test of the factory masters of technology, and behind a product is a whole team working from top to bottom. What's more, this showcase has 8 dimensions to display different kinds of jewelry luxury products, especially the placement of combined products, which is conducive to increasing the potential purchasing power of customers. The surface hardware of the showcase adopts electrostatic spraying, high-temperature baking paint and fingerprint-free process, which makes the surface color of this high-end showcase more lustrous and textured and gives customers a better experience. Combined with ultra clear bending glass and edge crystal polishing, making the entire display showcase looks very high-end and elegant, It also adds a lot to your store image. The inner fabric is made of high quality standard leather, of course, we can customize this fabric according to your store style, so that your store can reach exquisite and personalized. At the same time it is suitable for use in many places, including showrooms, high-end jewelry and watch stores, high-end shopping malls, high-end clubs, various exhibition halls and so on.

See here, are you also moved by this showcase? If you have a display case design, production-related needs, welcome to contact DG display showcase.

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