5 kinds of common jewelry showcase layout

Jewelry display cabinets as jewelry sales facade,to maximize the jewelry displayed in front of customers,and what kind of jewelry display cabinets to highlight the highlights of jewelry? And how to layout to make the whole store looks more harmonious? In fact, the layout of the store, there are many factors to consider, such as the size of the space,category of jewelry, jewelry style, the location of the light and tonal, the clearance of the channel, the size of the cash register, the installation of electrical wiring and government building regulations and so on. But the highlight of jewelry store decoration lies in the collocation of props, store design style and reasonable layout of jewelry display cabinets. Next, we will briefly introduce the five kinds of showcase layout methods.

The first kind of tandem display layout, in general, the more traditional jewelry stores layout are often used in this way. It is to make the customer's visit flow more coherent and clear direction, which can be completely visited. To emphasize the sequence and causality of jewelry cases in terms of content, this way is very consistent with the requirements, but this kind of layout flexibility is poor, commonly used in small and medium scale of jewelry stores.


The second kind of hybrid showcase layout, generally used in large jewelry exhibition, jewelry showcase theme contents are rich, more space layout, and then according to the audience the diversity of tourism demands, reasonable integration of various layouts together to form a hybrid space layout, so that the jewelry exhibition space form is richer and more characteristic.

The third kind of radial showcase layout, generally with the foyer or hall as a space hub, around the layout. Similar to the layout of the hybrid showcase, suitable for jewelry shows with different themes. Each jewelry showcase space display independently, through the door or channel and hub contact, flexible, more selective, often used in large and medium-sized exhibition halls.

The fourth kind of aisle-type showcase layout. Aisle-type showcase layout is actually a kind of radial layout, but more special, equivalent to the pivot in the radial to the form of aisle to achieve. This layout will be various jewelry showcase space is located on one side or both sides of the aisle to form a side-by-side layout. They can also be connected to each other to form a tandem layout in jewelry showcases. This layout allows customers to have a sequential visit, but the biggest drawback is that it has more wasteful area.

The last kind of hall-type showcase layout. Hall-type showcase layout is often used in jewelry product characteristics are not clear display space. The hall as the core of the jewelry showcase space, both for exhibits jewelry showcase, but also to meet a variety of other functional needs. In the actual layout, according to different contents and themes of jewelry showcase, the hall will be flexible separation, to meet the requirements of different exhibits display space, lack of pertinence, equivalent to multi-functional showroom.

These are five kinds of display case layout methods, pay attention to DG display showcase, take you to understand more display case of the little knowledge!

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