5 Types of Museum Display Cabinets and Precautions for Purchase

Cultural relics are the living relics of ancestors, and they are the embodiment of the manufacturing level of ancient society. Protecting cultural relics is equivalent to protecting the glorious history of the nation, and it is equivalent to inheriting the culture of the nation. In recent years, people's awareness of the protection of cultural relics has been continuously deepened, and they have also deeply realized the cultural value and historical status of cultural relics, and the requirements for the protection of cultural relics are also getting higher and higher. Museum showcases are a bridge of communication and the only carrier between cultural relics and tourists. Through the showcases, visitors can more conveniently and clearly understand the history of cultural relics, feel the strong historical emotions behind them, understand the national spirit, and inherit historical culture. Therefore, in the museum exhibition design project, the selection of showcases is particularly important, including safety, environmental protection, air tightness, internal environmental control, lighting systems, and showcase.Let's take a look at the types of museum display cabinets.


1. Museum straight front showcase

The museum straight front showcase is composed of five glass, the gap between the glass and glass need to use transparent glue for adhesion; museum straight front showcase is mainly used for the exhibition and display of painting and calligraphy artifacts; museum straight front can be showcase opened with automatic lifting, the middle for the installation of constant temperature and humidity system provides space.

2. Museum free standing showcase

Museum free standing showcase usually placed in the center of a museum exhibit hall. It has its unique advantages: transparent glass on all sides and a square base, visitors can observe the cultural relics in the museum showcases from any angle of the exhibition hall. The stand-alone display case is suitable for precious exhibits suitable for individual display. They can also be customized to fit the size of the exhibits, ensuring that visitors can browse the artifacts within the museum cabinets easily and comfortably. Museum independent cabinets can be divided into panoramic independent high cabinets, independent cabinets, etc. Among them, the panoramic independent high cabinet can be placed 360 degrees, and the audience can watch the cultural relics from multiple angles, which is suitable for the display of key cultural relics. Independent cabinets, also known as independent large cabinets, can be used to display multiple exhibits at the same time and display rich content.

3. Museum Detachable showcase

The width of the metal base and the top hat of the detachable museum showcase is relatively low, and it is equipped with double-layer glass all around. It has a strong sense of modernity and technology as a whole. When visitors enter the museum exhibition hall, it can often be fascinating by its own advantages. Detachable museum showcases are mainly used to display some temporary cultural relics that do not require special careful protection.

4. Museum wall Cabinet

The museum is displayed along the walls and back against the wall, which can be expanded according to the needs of the exhibition. The showcase has a wide display space, which can accommodate cultural relics of various sizes and materials at the same time, and is suitable for a comprehensive cultural relics exhibition. The museum cabinets along the walls are relatively large in volume and size, can accommodate many artifacts at once, bring the continuous vision to the visitor, and can greatly change the observer's visual awareness of the museum's exhibition galleries.

5. Museum Mounted Wall Showcase

The museum mounted showcase is directly mounted on the wall, allowing visitors to view the cultural relics closely.  It enriches the exhibition form of modern museums. Small mounted showcase are usually used to display small cultural relics, such as animal specimens, badges, etc.

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