How much do you know about jewelry showcase lighting? DG takes you to explore in depth!

In order to have a deeper understanding of the essence of jewelry showcase lighting design and improve our professional skills and aesthetic abilities. In a professional jewelry lighting training on March 29, DG Display Showcase brought a wonderful learning feast, unveiling the mystery of lighting design for us, and lighting up the brand's charm.

This training is not only the infusion of theoretical knowledge, but also a wonderful journey of practical exploration. We conducted an in-depth study of the essence of light and color matching, and discussed the reasonable use of light angles in different scenes, the characteristics of various types of lights, and light splicing technology. Through simulation experiments, we not only deepened our understanding of theoretical knowledge, but also mastered the practical application skills of lighting technology. Light and color matching is an art, involving technology, but also embodies the aesthetic perception and creative expression of light, shadow and color. Let DG Display Showcase share with you some tips on light and color matching, so that jewelry can show its best condition:

1. Gold jewelry: Warm light colors are suitable, ranging from 2700 to 3500K. This light color can add warmth to gold jewelry and highlight its precious color.

2. Natural gemstones such as rose gold jewelry, jade, agate, etc.: Natural light can be used, ranging from 4000-4500K. This light color highlights the natural texture and color of the gemstone, making it more realistic and vivid.

3. Platinum, silver jewelry, inlaid diamonds, silver steel chain watches, crystal, pearl products: suitable for cold white light, ranging between 5000-6500K. Cold white light can make these jewelry show a clearer and pure luster, adding a sense of luxury.

These precise light and color matching allow jewelry to show true colors, giving colored gemstones a richer color and brilliance, as well as a more crystal clear and pure color. In practice, we deeply understand the importance of appropriate lighting selection for jewelry display. Through precise lighting control, we can present jewelry in its best condition, allowing its color and shine to shine through, attracting customers' attention, and enhancing the value and appeal of jewelry. This solid theoretical foundation and practical skills will play an important role in our future work and help us better provide customers with quality services and products.

At the training site, factory craftsmen, designers and business teams all showed great concentration and active interaction. They are eager to learn, pursue professionalism, and integrate the skills they have learned into every service. DG Display Showcase firmly believes that this passionate team eager to grow will use a more professional attitude to maximize the field of showcase lighting and create unique display effects for you.

Choosing DG Display Showcase not only adds color to your products, but also injects vitality and charm into them. Whether it is jewelry, art, or museum exhibits, DG showcase lighting design will give your products great charm. Today’s sharing aims to bring you unlimited creativity and inspiration, let us light up our dreams together and show unlimited possibilities! Choose DG Display Showcase to let your brand shine uniquely and empower your products!

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