Lock types and application of museum display showcase

Every day off more and more parents like to take their children to the museum to participate in cultural relics exhibition activities, which not only can increase the children's extracurricular recreational activities, but also allows children to feel the national cultural inculcation, to learn more about the deeds of the historical celebrities. Museum display showcases as the only cultural relics for exhibition activities of the bearer, its importance is self-evident, now on the market more and more types of museum display showcases, the effect on cultural relics is more and more refined, from the previous simple protection, to the current micro-environmental conditions for the protection of cultural relics. Now we come to understand the museum display showcases another important part of the museum display showcases locks.

The main function of the museum display showcase lock itself is to use the physical structure, the museum display showcase firmly locked, in the unlocked state of the normal force can not make it completely open. Museum display showcase locks also withstand long periods of use, ordinary museum display showcase locks to withstand more than 300,000 times to open the number of times. Museum display showcase lock style with the increase in the type of increase also gradually increased, museum display showcase special hydraulic lock, museum display showcase one key type open lock, museum display showccase electronic automatic lock.

1.Hydraulic lock for museum display showcase 

Hydraulic lock for museum display showcase is mainly used for museum flat display showcase, museum shaped display showcase above the lock. Museum display showcase special hydraulic lock is installed in the museum flat display showcase on both sides, when the need for museum display showcase internal artefacts for finishing or cleaning, the museum staff only need to use the key to open the lock can be. After the lock is opened, the staff can use the hydraulic system to open and close the museum display showcase easily.

2.One-touch opening lock for museum display showcases

One-touch opening locks for museum display showcases are mainly used for museum stand-alone display showcases.Museum display showcase one-touch open lock is installed in the museum independent display showcase bottom and upper end, museum staff only need to gently press the controller on the open button can be museum on the display showcase 90 degrees open, museum staff and independent display showcase width and size of the same cultural relics placed in the inside of the exhibition display activities.

3.Museum display showcase electronic automatic lock

Museum display showcase electronic automatic lock is mainly used for museum along the wall display showcase. Museum electronic automatic lock is installed in the museum along the wall of the upper and lower ends of the showcase, museum staff use remote control equipment to click the open button, the museum along the wall of the showcase glass door will automatically open to a certain extent, the electronic auto-lock will automatically lock the glass door automatically lock, to prevent the glass door due to the inductor is not sensitive to derailment of the situation. Museum staff click on the close button, the museum along the wall display showcases will automatically close gently, after reaching the designated position, the museum display showcases electronic automatic locks will be sensed by the automatic lock to prevent the museum along the wall display showcases door due to vibration in the track offset phenomenon.Now the mainstream museum display showcases on the market for these three locks, how you want to know more kinds of display showcases locks information, welcome to contact DG Display Showcase!

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