Beijing high-end jewelry display store project

How to rationalize the store area through the layout of jewelry display cabinets?

Beijing high-end jewelry display store project



Project Briefing and Building Overview: This is a local Chinese jewelry brand, the founder has been adhering to the purpose of "stimulating innovation, advocating craftsmanship, and pursuing excellence" since the early stage of its establishment, taking Chinese culture as the inspiration for design, interpreting the beauty of gemstones with oriental craftsmanship, inheriting the exquisite craftsmanship of the millennium in contemporary design, and expressing the elegance of the oriental bones with Chinese culture. The client found us on the internet and after a brief understanding and communication, the brand founder and his team visited the DG display showcase and had an in-depth communication. The brand founder was not only interested in DG's products but also in DG's business philosophy and understanding of their products. We created a tailor-made design for the brand, the overall style is simple and light, in line with the brand positioning and style, and the client is very satisfied with this.

Main products: Gold, silver, platinum, natural diamonds, white jade, jadeite, pearls, gold with jade, colored stones, enamel, red coral, gemstones, jade, jadeite, South Sea pearls, Japanese pearl jewelry, jewelry inlay jewelry, platinum/K gold products

Products we supplied: Jewelry display showcases, jewelry boutique showcases, jewelry high cabinets, jewelry front cabinets, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry center island display cabinets, jewelry curved showcases, jewelry hanging cabinets, jewelry vertical display showcases, VIP jewelry display cabinets, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, negotiation tables, sofas, coffee tables, checkout counters, small mirrors, light boxes, photo frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

This is a jewelry store located in a high-end shopping mall in Beijing. The brand founder wanted to upgrade the image of the store with the brand's positioning and style as the keynote. The client learned about DG display showcase through his friend Mr. Wang, who is also engaged in the jewelry industry, and Mr. Wang is also a customer we have worked with. When he introduced DG, he said: DG Display Showcase, a display case manufacturer, has a lot of experience in the jewelry display case industry. Our whole cooperation process was very smooth and I was very relaxed. All you consider, or do not consider, all they can think, and really do is "customer demand-oriented". The service was not only good and professional but also very advanced in the production process. The client then collected a lot of information on the internet, got a basic understanding of DG, and contacted us.

As the founder of the brand, the client has his own unique views on design and has a high pursuit of quality, so he is very careful about the design of the whole store and the quality of the display case. The client's brand style is unique, so the store image must also be unique. In order to better understand the customer's needs and lay the foundation for a good relationship, DG invited the customer and his team to DG display showcase for an interview. When the client came to our marketing center, he was deeply attracted by us and said, "This looks not only like an office but also like a showroom of your DG corporate culture. Then we led the customer to visit our production industrial park and jewelry showroom and showed him the cases we had worked with. After this understanding, the client not only recognized DG's products but also agreed with DG's experience and design concept. Soon, we formally established a cooperative relationship with the client.

Through the understanding of the client's products, it is easy to find that the client is very good at giving the poetry of traditional Chinese culture to the very modern jewelry design so that the classical soul and modern aesthetic fusion and rebirth. Its design is rich in color and novel style. Therefore, in order to better highlight the characteristics of the products, we take the classic and calm beige as the theme color of the store, and at the same time match the brass color metal jewelry showcase. Such a simple and light collocation can not only highlight the beauty and quality of the jewelry to the greatest extent but also increase the hierarchy of the store design while echoing the brand color of the customer.

One of the most noteworthy is the layout of the entire store. The client's store area is large and has a wide variety of products, so how to reasonably divide the store area through the layout of the display cabinets has also become a difficult part of the design.

Since the overall layout of the store was long and narrow, the professional designers of the DG display showcase used a lot of curved display cabinets in the design of the plan. According to the internal load-bearing structure of the store, multiple groups of curved cabinets were set up to divide the area and determine the main flow of the store, so that customers could browse all areas of the store, which was not only conducive to the display of different types of products for zoning, but also convenient for customers to view and select and browse all areas of the store. In addition, curved display cabinets composed of streamlined shapes also greatly enhance the store's design, making the entire store more exquisite atmosphere, which is conducive to enhancing the customer experience, thereby promoting sales.

In addition to the use of curved display cabinets, we also set up multiple negotiation areas for the store. The negotiation table is a very important sales tool in addition to the jewelry display case, which not only can improve the area utilization but also can provide a comfortable environment for customers. We placed the negotiation tables near the curved jewelry showcases at both ends of the store so that customers could directly consult and negotiate with the sales staff after seeing the displays. In terms of color selection, we still chose the store theme color beige to ensure the overall unity of the store style and enhance the visual effect of the store, and the customer was very satisfied with this.

In the production stage, DG display showcase team took the customer's requirements as the core and carried out serious research and fine production on the production of display cabinets. In the process of making curved showcases, the application of the heat bending process is very crucial, and DG display showcase's technical team successfully solved the difficulties in the process of making curved glass through a lot of research and practice, ensuring that the glass cover of jewelry showcases will not be deformed, no bubbles will appear, and energy consumption can be reduced to the minimum, providing customers with high-quality display effects.

Afterwards, DG display showcase team provided transportation and on-site installation services to ensure the smooth completion of the display case installation. During the on-site installation process, DG Display Showcase's professional installation team carried out assembly and installation and debugged the lighting to ensure the best display effect and to meet the customer's display needs. Through the fine management and efficient execution of the production, transportation, and on-site installation process of the display case, DG display showcase team successfully completed this project and won high praise from the client. In the coming days, DG display showcase will continue to uphold the service concept of high quality and high efficiency to provide customers with even better display solutions and services.

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