The importance of museum heritage display

As an important aspect of human spiritual life, museums play an increasingly important role in modern society. Museums have become an important and indispensable part of people's social life. Museum exhibition in the display of scientific display type to build a perfect museum content structure, but also to fully demonstrate the artistic characteristics of museum display design that can be accepted by the audience. A good museum display has the following 3 major functions:           

1. Contribute to fully display the cultural relics

The most direct role of the museum display is to present cultural relics, to enhance people's understanding of cultural relics. Cultural relics are very valuable historical and cultural heritage. Only full display of cultural relics, so that more people may understand cultural relics, to make the cultural relics displayed its historical value, artistic value and scientific value. At the same time, people can learn more about the history and culture and the background of the times through the displayed cultural relics, to enrich scientific and cultural knowledge and improve cultural literacy.

2. Beneficial to played the function of the museum

Heritage display can be fully played the museum's exhibition, education and entertainment functions. First, the display of cultural relics can show the image of the museum and cultural connotations, fully play the social functions of the museum. Second, through the display of cultural relics can display the collection, preservation and restoration of cultural relics, cultural education for people, can also be combined with multimedia equipment to achieve certain entertainment functions.

3. Enhance communication of the museums and public

Heritage display is a communication bridge of the museum and public. The museum can exchange information with the public through different ways of heritage display, so the museum should be aware of the importance of heritage display, and actively innovate the way of heritage display, to through different forms of heritage display, so as to meet the needs of the public.

Museum heritage display has the characteristics of authenticity, bearing and history. Heritage display can realize the cultural exchange between cultural relics and the audience. Therefore, museums should attach great importance to the display of cultural relics, innovative ways of displaying cultural relics and unique display design of cultural relics, so as to realize the social value of museums.

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