Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

DG teaches you how to combine museum display cabinets with digital media technology?

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya


Project Briefing and Building Overview: The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya is an art gallery and the largest museum in Barcelona, Spain, famous for its collection of Romanesque art, considered to be one of the most complete collections of Romanesque art in the world.The museum has a collection of nearly 250,000 pieces, of which 5,900 are on permanent display, striving to comprehensively display the art history of Catalonia. On the one hand, the exhibits cover the millennium from Roman art to the mid-20th century; on the other hand, they include masterpieces in various categories: including sculptures, paintings, handicrafts, painting studies, prints, posters, photos, coins, etc. According to its founding statute, the museum's mission is "the permanent display of archaeological remains showing the evolution of Catalonia and its surroundings in prehistory and ancient history". "An attractive and inspiring museum, which is committed to creation and innovation." This is one of the museum's seven goals.

The significance of a museum is to commemorate people who have made outstanding contributions or major historical events. It is an important place to pass on excellent culture and great spirit. With the development of today's society, the design of museum showcases has been continuously upgraded, and multimedia digital technology has entered the exhibition hall. This can not only innovate the exhibition hall, but also gradually bring the museum into the ranks of modernization. A good museum exhibition hall must have a systematic layout and carefully designed display cabinets. So, how do display cabinets integrate with digital media technology in museums?

1. Clarify the overall style and positioning of the museum

Museums can be divided into different types. Different types have different positioning requirements, so their design styles are also different, and their design ideas are also differentiated. The space design style should also be designed according to the different positioning needs of the museum, and the visual effects of the showcase exhibits should be rationally used for color matching, so as to stimulate the subjectivity of the audience and put them in it. The exhibition hall should fit the theme and be harmonious and unified as a whole.

2. Use digital display technology

A single cultural relic placed next to a display cabinet or with a brief introduction inside it seems to lack a certain degree of interactivity and visual appeal, and it is impossible for visitors to remember it deeply. On the basis of ensuring the original starting point, digital display technology makes the content more vivid and highly interactive, allowing visitors to achieve an immersive feeling and feel the deep impression brought by history.

3. Grasp the combination of technology and connotation

The advancement of digital technology in museums marks the integration of technology and spiritual culture. How to grasp the peace of science and technology and connotation, it is necessary to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of visitors, and create distinct themes and patriotic education, and constantly innovate in the methods of content display, especially to pay attention to the visual and auditory feelings of visitors. Make full use of the design of the showcase and digital technology to restore historical greats and major events in front of visitors, allowing them to experience them further.

DG creates a unique display beauty for the museum by combining museum display cases with digital media technology. The display is not only a display of products, but also a reflection of museum culture and value. If you are looking for a display cabinet customization manufacturer that can combine display cabinets with digital media technology, DG will be your best choice. Let us create the beauty of display together, bringing new expressions and appeal to brands.

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