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Saudi Arabia

Project Briefing and Building Overview: The brand was established in the Middle East in 2013. From its inception, it has had a vision to blend the colors, scents, and atmosphere of the desert with the elegance of Italian tradition. Inspired by this cultural fusion, the brand has partnered with the most talented Italian perfumers to interpret this harmony and conceive a fragrance line that captures the essence of both worlds. Each fragrance embodies the pursuit of this inspiring cultural melting pot, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship.

Main Product: Pure Natural Essential Oils, Luxury Custom Perfumes, Artistic Collection Perfumes, Rare Ingredient Perfumes, Eau de Toilette, Cologne, Fresh Water Perfume

Products We Offer: Luxury Perfume Display Showcase, Perfume Boutique Showcases, Tall Perfume Display Showcase, High-End Front-Facing Perfume Showcase, Curved Perfume showcase, Perfume Wall Display showcase, High-End Upright Perfume showcase, Luxury VIP Perfume Display Showcase, Perfume Display Props, Cashier Counters

Service We Offer: Design, Production, Transportation, Installation, After-Sales Maintenance, and Repair

This high-end perfume shop in Saudi Arabia, during its brand development process, gradually realized that its existing store image could no longer meet the growing market demands and customer expectations. To enhance the brand image and attract more high-end customers, DG has closely collaborated with the client for many years. We have helped design multiple store concepts to elevate the brand's overall ambiance and market competitiveness.

In the initial stages of the project, DG engaged in extensive communication with the client to thoroughly understand their needs and expectations. Discussions on brand positioning, target customer demographics, and future development directions ensured that our design concepts aligned perfectly with the client's brand strategy. Additionally, we conducted market research and analyzed competitors' store designs to ensure our proposals could open up new market opportunities for the client.

During the design process, DG's team discovered that simply adhering to the client's initial ideas may not achieve optimal results. Drawing on 25 years of expertise in display showcase design, we provided detailed design recommendations and adjusted display layouts according to the store's actual dimensions. Our design solutions not only highlighted the perfume's high-end quality but also optimized the customer experience, making the entire store space harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

For this project, despite the smaller store size, we successfully conveyed a sense of luxury. Here are some design suggestions from DG to help you create a compact yet luxurious perfume shop:

1. Select Appropriate Colors and Materials

   - Color Palette: Opt for classic luxurious colors such as deep blue, black, gold, or silver, which create a noble and elegant atmosphere. In this project, we chose classic black and gold to give the space a clean and sophisticated look.

   - Material Application: Use high-quality materials like marble, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, and leather to enhance the space's texture and overall luxury. Marble countertops and metal frames were used in the store to increase its high-end appeal.

2. Plan Space Layout Effectively

   - Space Utilization: Given the limited area, maximize vertical space with wall-mounted display shelves and hanging light fixtures to avoid excessive floor displays.

   - Flow Design: Ensure a natural and comfortable customer flow within the store, avoiding congestion and giving customers a spacious feeling.

3. Lighting Design

   - Focused Illumination: Use soft and layered lighting to avoid harsh glare. Choose LED spotlights, track lights, or light strips to highlight products and display areas.

   - Play with Light and Shadow: Appropriately use light and shadow effects to create a high-end ambiance.

4. Curated Display Methods

   - Exquisite Perfume Display Cabinets: Opt for uniquely designed and high-quality perfume display cabinets to avoid ordinary ones. The cabinets should have a sleek modern design to enhance visual impact.

   - Product Arrangement: Organize perfumes by series, brand, or fragrance type to help customers easily find their preferred products.

5. Detail Decoration and Ambiance Creation

   - Artistic Decorations: Place artworks or decorative items such as paintings, sculptures, or exquisite ornaments in appropriate locations within the store to elevate its overall ambiance.

   - Fragrance Environment: Utilize high-end fragrance devices like scent diffusers or scented candles to diffuse subtle fragrances, enhancing the sensory experience and adding to the store's luxurious appeal.

6. Brand Identity and Slogans

   - Brand Identity: Ensure the design of the brand logo and store name is simple yet distinctive, using high-quality materials and unique fonts to enhance the brand's luxury.

   - Concise Slogans: Display concise and attractive slogans or taglines prominently within the store to convey the brand's core values and unique selling points.

Once production commenced, DG's sales team maintained daily contact with the client, providing timely updates on production progress. We invited the client to visit our production facilities, allowing them to witness the manufacturing process firsthand, thereby increasing their trust in our products.

To ensure product quality, rigorous quality inspections were conducted at every stage of production, starting from material intake. After production completion, designers and quality inspectors thoroughly examined each display cabinet to ensure they met the client's high standards.

Before shipping, we adhered strictly to international transportation standards, meticulously packaging each display cabinet with professional shock-absorbent materials to prevent damage during long-distance transport. Professional logistics companies were engaged to ensure safe and timely delivery to the client.

During installation, we provided detailed installation videos and manuals to assist clients in understanding the installation process quickly. Our installation team offered comprehensive guidance to ensure each display cabinet was installed smoothly.

Upon successful completion of the project, the client expressed great satisfaction with the store's new image. The redesigned store not only enhanced the brand's high-end image but also significantly improved the shopping experience for customers. Feedback indicated that the new store design attracted more high-end clientele, resulting in a notable increase in sales. The client highly praised our professionalism throughout the design, production, transportation, and installation processes, stating that our service exceeded their expectations. They particularly appreciated our design concepts and attention to detail, noting that our designs perfectly captured the luxury of perfumes and the unique charm of their brand.

Looking ahead, DG will continue to uphold a "customer-first" philosophy, striving for innovation and service excellence. We aim to strengthen our market position through collaborations with more high-end brands, aiming to lead the field of display showcase design and production. By continuously enhancing our professional standards and service quality, we are committed to helping more clients achieve their brand dreams. Whether highlighting the high-end quality of products or showcasing unique creative designs, DG remains your best partner. Let's work together to create a brighter future!

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