The Freestanding Glass Display Case That's a Must-Buy

Our twelve highly skilled designers with years of experience designing display cases invested their knowledge and creativity into conceptualizing and crafting this flawless freestanding glass display case. The result is an exceptional frameless glass display case.

Six Features That Make This Frameless Display Case In-Demand

Although dozens of features make this frameless display case a must-buy, six stand-out features make this display case highly desirable for museums, galleries, and private collections. These six features are the result of the designers' extensive research and meticulous crafting, coupled with our company's two decades of experience catering to the world's leading brands. 

More Displaying Space

This freestanding glass display case is versatile. With this display case, you get plenty of viewing space to showcase items of varying sizes. Because this display case is entirely frameless -- being its primary advantage -- you have unobstructed views of the items on display from all angles.

This feature also makes it an ideal choice for displaying items that require 360-degree viewing.

The design of this frameless display case maximizes the available space. Therefore, irrespective of the size of the item you want to display -- whether large or small -- you can select this frameless display case.

You won't be disappointed at the results since the case has a sleek and modern design that complements any branding and blends in any environment.

This cabinet's expansive display area ensures that all items on display are at eye level, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience for admirers. This feature also means that every detail of the items is visible, providing a captivating visual display.

Premium Glass

Because the freestanding glass display is surrounded by glass, using premium glass was paramount. The glass we've used has high transparency. Our use of low-iron glass guarantees the highest clarity, giving the illusion that nothing separates the viewer and the display. Now, the experience is a truly immersive one.

Additionally, the glass also functions well in art galleries and museums because it is antireflective and low iron. That antireflective feature means that even showroom or studio lighting will not disrupt the view. Instead, even under the harshest lighting or when standing close to the freestanding glass display, viewers won't see any reflections.

But our premium glass isn't only highly transparent, it also functions as a way to protect your artifacts, artwork, sculptures, and other displays from UV damage. The glass we've used on our frameless display case has a UV coating, giving items displayed in the case 92 percent UV protection.

Complements Any Space

This frameless display case is an ideal addition to any space. It can blend seamlessly with existing surroundings.

You can use the freestanding glass display case to enhance a current exhibition or to provide a modern touch to a rebrand. Alternatively, you can use the frameless display case as the foundation of a sleek, contemporary space.

With nearly 90 percent of the display case made of glass, this model is incredibly versatile, allowing it to fit in with a wide range of decor styles and settings.

Its clean lines and minimalist design make it the superior choice for those looking to create a modern, high-end aesthetic.

Superb LED Lighting

To give the ability for your artifacts, artwork, and sculptures to shine, we've fitted this frameless glass display with LED strips. These LED strips are discrete, unable to be seen, and protected from the view of those admiring the displays. However, they also protect the contents of the freestanding display case since these LED strips do not emit heat.

Part of our design process was finding the ideal placement for these strips to guarantee there weren't any shadows on the contents of the display case.

Our team of designers was able to determine placement that not only ensures there aren't any shadows on the display but also drastically improves the display's visibility. 

Exported to Over 200 Countries

Of course, our frameless display case has become a sought-after item in our inventory because of its remarkable features. However, it's managed to achieve its far-reaching acclaim because we ship to over 200 countries. That widespread accessibility also means you can access our outstanding quality at factory-direct prices.

Purchasing this freestanding display case also gives you access to our top-notch after-sales, which is the preferred choice among domestic and foreign buyers.

When you make this purchase, you also access our extensive experience and expertise in assisting those in the retail, commercial, recreational, and educational sectors, and beyond. Our attention to detail when manufacturing has earned us a reputation in the market as a reliable supplier of high-quality display cases, meeting the most demanding standards. 

Fully Customizable

This freestanding glass display case is entirely customizable. We understand that every business's needs are different. Therefore, while this frameless display case is designed to be used universally, in cases where you want greater customization, this display case can still be a perfect fit. Part of our customization process is to measure and fit your space to modify the dimensions to suit your needs.

It's more than the dimensions.

You can also customize elements like the MDF base and choose a wood grain that suits our aesthetic. Furthermore, you can change or enhance the lighting.


It's more than lighting and MDF. Our expert designers are always available to assist with your customization needs or questions.

They are available for one-on-one sessions, in-person or virtual walkthroughs of our factory, and to advise on what customization choices would be ideal based on your preferences and vision. These sessions focus intensely on sharing information and collaborating with your business. After completing this session, you can make a more informed decision about how you want to customize the product.


If you don't know where to start, our designers will offer professional advice and recommendations based on your preferences and needs.

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