Rechargeable Luxury Jewelry Display Cases: The Future of Retail

Have you ever walked into a jewelry store and been bummed by its old interior, fading glass cabinets, and old-school showcases? Well, you are not alone if rustic, old-school jewelry shops irk you. 

The world is changing for the better! So, jewelry retailers need to adapt to the new trends if they wish to survive in the market. Aside from crafting modern jewelry, you need to be extremely considerate of how you choose to display your pieces. 

DG Display has recently launched a rechargeable jewelry display case that's an absolute treat for retailers. This case is the first of its kind–designed to modernize your store like never before. 

We will take a closer look at how the case functions and discover if it’s the right choice for your high-end space! 

How does the rechargeable jewelry display case work? 

You must have seen illuminated jewelry display cases before, but this one is different because it is completely wireless! It has a rechargeable lamp panel that can make your jewelry sparkle all day long. 

We have crafted various display pieces with intelligent lighting systems before, but this rechargeable display case is a total game-changer in all aspects! It can house anything from pendants and bracelets to high-end necklaces. 

You can either buy a single display case to exhibit your most-priced item or go for several cases to create a series of aesthetic displays. 

This case, like all the other cases from DG Display Showcase, has an intelligent lighting system to meet the diverse needs of retailers. 

A closer look at the design! 

The rechargeable luxury jewelry display case has a sleek and modern design that can engage and enthrall customers at the same time. It is shaped like an upside-down golden bell with a clear cavity to house watches, necklaces, or pendants. 

The case features a wide area inside, so it is more suitable for housing necklaces and pendants than rings or other items. 

If we talk about the materials, it has a solid stainless steel structure carrying a sophisticated curved glass body. Other than that, acrylic and leather are also used in the interior and other design elements. 

The best part about the case's design is its rotation! It moves according to the human body and provides a crystal clear view of the subject–no matter where it's placed. 

It's also important to note that the glass used to build this case is fingerprintless. And the welding is so seamless that it's not even slightly visible to the viewers. 

Whether you are planning to use this case in an exhibition or retail store, the design elements will only add to the appeal of your space! 

Key Features 

This jewelry case is different from other display cases we manufacture! It has various features that you won't find in any other high-end display piece. 

Here's a quick summary of what the rechargeable luxury jewelry display case offers:


Intelligent lighting system to enhance customer experience and add to the brightness of your jewelry 

Rechargeable lamp panel to keep the lighting wireless 

High-quality DG standard leather for cushioning 

Electroplated stainless steel body to prolong the life of your display case 

Finger-less process 

Environmental high-density board 

Electronic lock system to give you convenient access to your items 

High-quality white glass to provide excellent visibility

Not only this case have a state-of-the-art design, but it also offers all the features a perfect exhibition display should have. From adjustable lighting to clear glass and electronic locks, every feature speaks for the quality of this case.

Why should you choose a rechargeable luxury display case? 

It is an undeniable fact that this display case from DG display is packed with powerful features and high-end design elements. But is this case for you? Should you go for such a high-end product? Will it look good in your intimate store setting? 

You must have a hundred questions in your mind even after reading this blog. But don't fret! We are here to help you out. 

The rechargeable luxury jewelry display case is designed exclusively for retail shops, showrooms, clubhouses, exhibitions, duty-free shops, and malls. If your space fits in any of the mentioned categories, this case is for you! 

As far as the intimate spaces are concerned, this rechargeable case is all about saving space as it is completely wireless. If you have a collection or a high-value item in your inventory that deserves a highlighted spot in your store, a rechargeable display case can help you! 

And if you have a spacious store, you can create a running center aisle with these display cases and highlight your star items with all the glory. 

A Word from DG Display 

Are you done reading all the power features of our new rechargeable luxury jewelry display case? Then it's time to make a call and book your own case! 

We do not only sell high-end jewelry showcases, we believe in revolutionizing the way you set up your retail space. All our displays are crafted with extra care and attention, so your customers have an unforgettable experience shopping at your space. 

We also provide installation and after-sales services to help you get the most out of our products. Contact DG Display Showcase, check out our unique collection, and book your dream showcase now!  


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