List of Main Facilities and Equipment of the Museum

A lot goes into designing and configuring a museum especially when you have an intimate area and tons of artifacts to display. While we focus on crafting high-end museum display cases, we also believe in educating our consumers about setting up a luxury museum space. 

If you are a museum designer or manager, you might wonder what are the main facilities and equipment needed to create an ultimate Museum setup.

From effective fire alarms to beautiful science exhibit showcases, there are tons of equipment and fixtures you might need to configure your space. Other than that, facilities like exhibition halls, educational rooms, and lecture halls can also give your space an elite vibe. 

To give you some closure, we have created a list of important museum facilities and equipment. Please keep in mind that this list can vary depending on the size, type, and other characteristics of your museum design! 

What Needs to be in a Museum? 

Museums serve as the ultimate reminders of history and dedicated spaces to celebrate art! Every museum deserves to be curated with utmost perfection, so it looks inviting and appealing to the visitors. 

As we mentioned, a lot goes into meticulously configuring a museum. You need tons and tons of equipment to make your museum interesting and communicate your message effectively. 

While the list of museum equipment is endless, here are a few important fixtures you might need to get started!

Display cabinets and showcases:

You need beautiful, perfectly crafted, and functional display cases to set up a high-end museum space. Make sure your display fixtures have proper lighting control, electronic locks, durable materials, beautiful design, and ample storage! 

If you are planning to buy exhibition cases for your museum, check out the all-new Science Exhibit Showcase by DG Display Showcase. This piece is crafted by 12 professional designers who have paid close attention to accessibility, durability, and innovative design. 

This custom showcase is ideal for private collections, showrooms, and museum exhibitions!

Wall display panels:

Wall display panels are used to display information about your artifacts and items. You can choose to put images, text, or videos on these panels to make your display pieces more inviting and interesting! 

Lighting system:

Effective lighting can make or break your museum space. Designing a lighting system in a museum where sensitive items are kept can be a complicated process. You will need to consider a lot of things including the sensitivity of your items, the extent of visibility needed, and the comfort of your visitors. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing lighting for your museum:

Direct sunlight shouldn’t touch your display pieces

Extreme changes in brightness can be uncomfortable for your visitors 

Colored lighting, highlights, and shadows can greatly impact the interest of your visitors

4. Protection Equipment:

Conservation of the artifacts is the main concern while designing a museum. Therefore, you will need quality equipment for humidity, pollution, and temperature control to keep your sensitive pieces safe. 

Make sure you have constant humidity and temperature in the exhibition areas of your museum. Other than that, getting dust and pest control equipment will also be a smart move. 

5. Fire safety and security:

Make sure you maintain the safety and security of your items and visitors while configuring your space. Here are some things you need to sort out before you open your museum to the public:

Effective fire alarm 

Fire-fighting equipment for emergencies 

Anti-theft systems

Electronic locks on your display cases 

Security cameras and surveillance system 

6. Computers and internet:

If you truly wish to engage your visitors while assisting your staff, make sure to not compromise on the use of technology. A set of computers and a powerful internet connection all around the facility are basic forms of technology you can use at your facility to give your visitors an immersive experience.

7. Interactive equipment:

Effective communication is the key to any museum's success. You need to think outside of the box while planning how your collection will communicate to the visitors. 

You can get help from the following equipment to make your museum a truly interactive space:

Interactive computers 


Video theatre 

Graphic display 

Digital libraries 

What Facilities are Important for a Museum? 

While there are a ton of different ways to plan a museum's layout, some basic elements are constant–no matter the size and type of the space! 

Exhibition Hall:

Your exhibition area can be intimate or spacious depending on the size of your museum. The main things you need to consider while setting up an exhibition hall are accessibility, aesthetics, and proper lighting. 

Storage spaces:

Every museum needs dedicated storage facilities to safeguard its items. You can choose to add storage racks, temporary holding cells, and proper storage rooms to your space. 

Please keep in mind that museums often have different storage requirements. You need to first analyze your needs before setting up storage spaces in your museum. 


Restrooms and public facilities:

Clean bathrooms, rest zones, appropriate seating spaces, and cafes can ramp up your museum's appeal. Your aim is to make your visitors as comfortable as possible during their visit. 

If you are planning to add a cafeteria to your museum, make sure it is at the entrance so your visitors can enjoy refreshments at the end or start of their visit. 

We discussed some major facilities you should have at your museum to give your visitors a comfortable experience. But if you are planning to go some levels up, here are some other facilities you can build in your space:

Library and archive rooms 

Lecture halls and theatre

Transportation center 

Immersive, digital library 

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