Luxury Jewelry Display Showcase: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

To survive in the retail world, it's important to present your products the right way! From your counters to your fixtures, everything needs to be flawless and aesthetic. 

When you are selling something as intricate as jewelry, your focus should be on creating a stunning display that doesn't diminish the shine of your timeless pieces. A clean, well-maintained display showcase will not only add to your store's bling but also make the customers trust your brand and your products. 

In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about maintaining your display showcase and keeping it in top-notch condition. 

Continue reading to find out the dos and don'ts of displaying along with some amazing cleaning tips! 

Expert Tips on Cleaning Luxury Jewelry Showcases 

High-end showcases are usually made of acrylic or tempered glass, and dust can build up pretty fast on these gleaming surfaces. Even a simple scratch or dust streak can ruin the entire appearance of your display case, diminishing your items’ shine and sparkle. 

So, a thorough clean once in a while will not only prolong the life of your precious showcase but help you present your items with 100% clarity. 

Here are some tips from us to help you maintain scratch-free showcases:

How to Clean Tempered Glass

You don't need to rub the surface dry while cleaning tempered glass. Most tempered glass showcases are scratch and fingerprint-resistant and have a thick coating that can come off when you use harsh chemicals. So, with tempered glass, gentle is a way to go! 

It's important that you use only the gentlest cleaners on tempered glass surfaces. We suggest you use only warm water with a little bit of mild soap to wipe down tempered glass. 

Here are some agents you must not use on your tempered glass showcase:

Ammonia and alcohol 

White vinegar. It can cause clouding and scratching.

Steel wool, paper towels, abrasive clothes, ragged sponges, etc 

Expert Tip: if you see a hard water stain on your tempered glass, do not use harsh chemical agents to clean it as it will only worsen the stain. Instead, go for elbow grease soaked in mild dish soap! 

How to Clean Acrylic Displays 

Acrylic is even more scratchable than tempered glass, so you need to be extra careful while cleaning acrylic surfaces. Using harsh chemicals is an absolute no-go for acrylic showcases as it can make the surface cloud. 

Here are some tips to efficiently clean acrylic display cases: 

Blow off any settled dust from the surface before you begin cleaning with liquid. This will prevent scratching and soiling.

Never use harsh chemicals like alcohol, vinegar, or ammonia to clean lightly soiled surfaces. Use clear water instead!

For hard stains, use cleaners like dish soap or baby shampoo. 

Abrasive sponges or clothes will scratch your acrylic display, so only use microfiber clothes and towels. 

You can use car wax to remove scratches from acrylic surfaces.

Use cleaners made specifically for plastics. This will prevent scratching and clouding. 

What to Avoid with Your Luxury Jewelry Display Showcase 

Are we done cleaning our showcase? Then it’s time to organize it the right way! The way you present your jewelry inside a showcase will greatly impact how customers see your brand and products. 

You need to be extra considerate while setting up a display. Everything needs to be clear to the viewers while also being accessible to the staff. 

Here are some things you need to avoid while setting up a display at your store:

Overcluttering the display showcase 

When you are displaying your jewelry, keep this one rule in mind: Less is more! You don’t need an overcrowded display with various star products jammed together. This will make it very difficult for customers to navigate through your items. 

You need to space out your pieces in an aesthetically pleasing way. Use quality display fixtures such as ring holders, felts, and busts to accentuate your display. 

Remember, strategically displaying your collection throughout the store is the key to your business's success and keeping customers engaged! 

Not rotating the collection 

This is the biggest mistake shop owners make while displaying their collections. Organizing your display one time doesn't mean that it should stay that way for the rest of the year! You need to keep rotating and shuffling your collection if you wish to truly enthrall and engage customers. 

Changing things up every once in a while will help you highlight every good product in your store and show customers that you are not short on variety. 

Not purchasing the right showcase 

Well, showcases come in a lot of shapes and sizes! There are rechargeable displays that are exclusively designed for storing precious items. And there are also giant showcases built to house large jewelry collections. 

Make sure you know what type of jewelry showcase your collection needs before selecting one! 

Jewelry Combination Display Showcase–A Gleaming First Impression! 

We just told you how crucial it is to select the right kind of showcase for your jewelry pieces. If you are looking for something that can stand at the entrance of your luxury space and make an excellent first impression for your customers, get your hands on the jewelry combination display showcase

We cannot stress enough the power of effective displaying. You need unique and non-conventional displays in your store to stop customers in their tracks and convince them to buy your products. 

This case from DG Display is everything you need to stand out in the market. It is unique, functional, and elegant in every possible. Contact DG Display Showcase to learn more about this luxury jewelry display showcase! 


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