Fashion Design Jewellery Showcase: A Symphony of Style and Substance

For jewelry store owners, displaying their products the right way is as important as getting them carved. You need to make sure that all the items in your store are well-protected while also being accessible to the customers. 

Fortunately, luxury jewelry showcases, cabinets, and counters have made creating appealing and secure displays a breeze for shop owners! You just need the right products and an aesthetic sense to set the mood right in your high-end space. 

So, if you are a jewelry store owner or a designer looking to enhance the beauty and appeal of your space with luxury cabinets, you have landed at the right place. In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about setting up a perfect jewelry display at your store.

Types of Display Cabinets:

When you go on a hunt, you can get lost in the world of luxury jewelry showcases. There are tons of options to choose from, making it extremely difficult to pick the right thing. 

But don’t worry, we have skimmed down two popular display options for you:

Counter display cabinets

Tower display cabinets

Here’s an overview: 

Counter Display Cabinets:

Counter Display cabinets are very common in jewelry stores. They allow customers to peek through the items inside and get a panoramic view of the products. With features like slide-on trays and rolling bars, these cabinets provide a great room for organization, efficient storage, and showcasing. 

Interestingly, modern designs often come with custom infill panels, so you can go wild with your branding ideas. 

Here’s why counter display cabinets are great:

Allow easy updates and organization

Ideal for showcasing brand messages and pictures 

Provide a detailed view of the contents to the customers 

Tower Display Cabinets:

You might have seen towered shelved cabinets in the corner jewelry stores before. These full-length display towers support high-end products. If you want to improve your in-store aesthetic and take it up a level, then these tower display shelves can be your holy grail.

Here’s why you need a tower display cabinet in your store:

Through tower and wall display, you can have a dedicated shelve for every product where you can place it in an eye-catching fashion. 

Tower display cabinets save a ton of space, making them an ideal pick for small stores.

Our verdict on this counter vs tower debate is simple! Get a counter-style jewelry showcase if creating an organized, easy-to-maintain, and appealing shopping display is your main aim. Because tower display cabinets are more suitable for intimate settings like art shows and private events. 

Tips to Enhance the Look and Design of Your Display Cabinets:

From adding accent lights to choosing the right materials, there is a lot you can do to uplift the look of your display cabinets. Here are four expert tips from us to improve the display setting in your store:

Choose the Right Frame Depth:

The key feature of a high-end jewelry display cabinet is its framework. Display cabinets usually have a metal frame that supports glass panels. You can choose from a wide range of metal frames to make your cabinet sturdier and stronger. However, lightweight metals like stainless steel and aluminum are best for giving your cabinets a sleek and seamless look. 

Additionally, the frames can also be of different thicknesses and depths. For instance, a light frame display is best for carrying isolated high-end products. Whereas a dense metal framework is ideal for countertops and wall-mounted showcases.

Add Custom Material Finishings:

Your display cabinets no longer have to be the standard satin silver or basic RAL colors. You can now replicate a wide range of material finishes from crystal and chrome to wood and marble. These details will make your display cabinets look extremely attractive and unique.


Note: While choosing material finishing for your cabinets, keep your store's aesthetic in mind. Make sure your display blends in with your interior!

Integrate Smart Security and Locking System: 

You can no longer protect your high-value jewelry items with a simple lock-key system. You need smart digital locks and safety cabinets to deter theft and damage. 

It makes complete sense why DG display showcase manufacturers integrate safety modes and electronic locks into their display units. Choosing shatter-resistant glass cabinets is another great way to protect your jewelry pieces from any kind of damage and forgery. 

Install Accent Lighting:

Although often overlooked, accent lighting is very important for display spaces. As a retailer, you must present jewelry in proper lighting so that customers can appreciate their beauty and elegance.

With the right accent lights, you can create an inviting and stimulating environment for customers. There are a lot of colors to experiment with, but warm, cool, and rose gold lights are often the best options. 

Remember these few points while choosing accent lights:

 Warm LED lights are great for creating a welcoming space for customers

 Cool Lights represent modernity and precision

Rose Gold and warm golden lights can create an air of romance and fantasy

DG Fashion Design Luxury Showcase – An Excellent Pick for Retailers.

As we told you cabinet displays work best in jewelry store setups especially if you have a large space, remember that choosing the right kind is also important. 

If you wish to create a stunning space containing all your high sellers and glimmering pieces, the Fashion jewelry showcase from the collection of DG display can become an attractive focal point in your store. 

You can easily integrate this custom cabinet with island displays and wall cabinets to give your store a luxurious and swanky feel. Trust us, there is no better option out there when it comes to style, safety, elegance, and convenience.

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