Beyond the Showcase: Custom Jewelry Display Cabinets for Shopping Malls

The way you display, organize, and showcase your jewelry in a store affects how your customers see and engage with your products. It’s proven from research that meticulously designed window displays influence 24% of sales in most retail stores. 

All you need to do is harness the power of your custom jewelry cabinets and transform them into sale magnets. If you are new to the jewelry retail arena, don't worry. We are here to help you set up a perfect jewelry display for your luxury space. 

Here's everything you need to know about effectively displaying jewelry in a retail store. 

4 Ideas to Visually Engage with Jewelry Customers:

When starting out on creating jewelry displays, your main focus should be to highlight every piece in a way that stops customers in their tracks. The impact of visual merchandising is huge, and it's a great tactic to stimulate your visitors'emotions. 

Custom jewelry display cabinets, when organized right, can attract customers in minutes and drive sales for your business like never before. 

Let's see some of these jewelry display ideas from our experts and discover the art of visual merchandising! 

Create Intelligent Combinations:

Do you want your customers to see through the beauty of your retail pieces and notice everything you have on display? Well, here's a simple way to make it happen. 

While displaying your items in cabinets or showcases, make sure each collection has at least one-star piece. This means every display should have one high-selling item to engage and enthrall customers. 

It's never a good idea to cluster all your star pieces in a single case as this will keep visitors from browsing the entire store. Give your customers room to explore and appreciate the bling of each display before they make a purchase. 

Use Colors to Accentuate Jewelry Pieces:

According to a study, it takes hardly 90 seconds for a person to form a judgment about a certain product. And interestingly, 90% of this judgment is entirely based on colors. 

You need the right colors embedded in your display if you wish to highlight the inherent qualities of your pieces to the fullest. For instance, green color is often associated with richness and wealth. You can use green felt or bust to accentuate a certain jewelry piece in a group or an entire display. 

Black bases, on the other hand, accentuate precious gems pretty well, making all their brightness and shine come out. 

You need to do some research, try out different combinations, and bring out your aesthetic sense to set the right display with accent colors. 

Display your Jewelry by Collection:

This is the oldest and the most common technique when it comes to displaying jewelry in cases. Most high-end stores and showrooms use this technique to oomph customers with their artistic sense and present their high-value items in a collection. 

And interestingly, this idea leaves a huge room for creativity. The items you choose to display as a collection don't necessarily need to be from a single collection. They just need to match in vibe, style, and feel–and your job is done.

For instance, you can choose to pair a vintage earring set with a similar-looking vintage ring, or a minimalistic bangle with a pair of diamond studs. In the end, it all comes down to your fashion sense and creativity!

Keep the Price Point in Mind:

If you keep and sell a diverse range of jewelry in your store, it's important to display items according to price point. Because it's obvious that not all customers visit a store to buy a $10,000 diamond set. 

There should be sections allocated to different types of jewelry, and price tags should be there. Most retail stores are hesitant to put price tags because they want to avoid putting customers off. 

But trust us, most customers are comfortable shopping in jewelry stores with all prices on display.

Three Best Custom Jewelry Display Cabinets for Retailers:

Luxury Oval Jewelry Showcase from DG Display:

This is simply the best showcase for shopping malls. With the right balance of colors and an intricate design, this showcase will become a perfect centerpiece in your store. 

This piece is designed especially for high-end stores hosting items that require an extra dash of highlight and care. And guess what? It is integrated with smart electronic locks so you can easily display your high-value items inside it. 

Make it a centerpiece in your store or push it against the wall–this Showcase will never fail to grab your customers'attention and we can vouch for that!

Countertop Jewelry Display Cabinet:

This display cabinet from DG Display is one of a kind. It has a round architecture, leather coverings, and an intelligent lighting system to add a touch of swankiness to your high-end store. It has enough storage to hold display features like a tall neck, bracelets ramps, ring holders, and more. 

We are all for good design and quality displays and this piece here is all you need to uplift your store's ambiance.

Fashion Jewelry Showcase:

This luxury jewelry showcase is a perfect blend of modern design and cutting-edge features. It doesn't only look elegant and appealing from the outside but has ample storage inside to hold your valuables. 

You can adjust it in an island setting to amplify your display area or make it a wall cabinet for high-end items. No matter how you choose to place it, this showcase for shopping malls will never disappoint your customers. 

Final Words:

At DG Display Showcase, we are all about helping you create a stunning jewelry display with cabinets and showcases that sell! These tips from our experts may help you decorate your display area the right way. The ideas mentioned above can be used together or individually to enhance the overall look of your cabinets and counters. 

Before we go, here is a bonus tip from us: don't place anything within three inches of your display case. This may cause viewers to miss the items placed too closely to the glass.

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