Assemblable Jewelry Display Showcase: A Smart Way to Display Your Timeless Pieces!

Showcasing jewelry in an exhibition is a lot different than displaying jewelry in a retail space. When you are attending an exhibition, you need to make sure that your pieces stand out among the sea of showcases and attract viewers! 

Not only that, you need to think about installation, setup, and disassembly! The traditional display showcases that we use at retail stores won't fit the bill in an exhibition. You need something lighter, assemblable, and rechargeable if you wish to shine out in the crowd. 

Assemble showcases present suppliers and retailers with a convenient way to display jewelry in an exhibition. In this blog, we will explore how efficient DG Display Showcase's all-new assemblable display case is and discuss whether it's an ideal choice for you! 

How does the assemblable jewelry display showcase work? 

One of the top things you need to look for in an exhibition showcase is the ease of installation. It should have a compact design but shouldn't have too many installers. Your showcase should also save transportation costs and space. 

Is it possible to find all these characteristics in a conventional showcase? No! That is why you need an assemblable alternative that is easy to install and disassemble–saving you time, effort, and money! 

Our hot-selling assemblable jewelry display showcase is all you need to take over an exhibition. It's durable, super convenient, and extremely elegant. 

It comes with three main parts: 1. Glass top, 2. Leather tabletop, and 3. Metal table legs. And here's how you can install it in just five minutes:

Connect and secure the metal table legs to the leather tabletop 

Carefully place the glass top onto the leather tabletop 

And you are done in just two steps! Unlike other assemblable showcases in the market, this piece comes with only two installers so it remains easier to set up. 

If you are looking for an option that saves you space and is durable enough to be reused, this assemblable showcase is the right choice! 

Key features 

Innovative design 

This showcase features the most innovative design–one that can give your clients an unforgettable shopping experience! It has a sleek and seamless stainless steel body supporting a sturdy leather and glass top. 

The showcase features high-quality leather that has a fine texture to it. One of the best things about this assemblable showcase is its smooth white glass that reflects your jewelry with 100% clarity. 

Other than that, the case uses tempered glass that isn't susceptible to any kind of clouding or scratching, making it a durable option for retailers looking for a long-term investment. 

Easy to install and disassemble

You can set up this showcase in literally five minutes! This is by far the most attractive feature of this high-end piece. Just join the legs to the leather top and place the countertop on top of it, and you are all good to go! 

It's an excellent choice for suppliers who frequently visit high-end exhibitions and need a display case that saves them time and transportation costs. Since this case is lighter than conventional showcases, you won't have any trouble carrying it around. 

Like installation, disassembling is also a piece of cake. Just reverse the installation process and your showcase is ready to be packed again! 

Intelligent lighting 

What good is a showcase without intelligent lighting that adds to the bling of your jewelry pieces? A good jewelry display case helps enhance the features and inherent characteristics of your items with efficient lighting, and this is what our assemblable case is all about! 

It is integrated with intelligent lighting that is adjustable to the consumers' needs. Whether you are showcasing precious metals or gemstones, the built-in lighting will adjust to your requirements and accentuate your jewelry with perfection. 

Smart and electronic locking 

All DG showcases feature electronic locking devices and safe modes so you have convenient access to your products whenever you want! The assemblable jewelry display showcase also has an electronic, smart lock system that opens and closes the case with a finger-less process. 

Compact and durable 

Another attractive feature of the assemblable case is its compactness. Aside from being super functional and spacious, the materials used in the manufacturing make this showcase one of the most compact and durable options out there. 

We have built it with high-quality acrylic, leather, glass, wood, and stainless steel. The welding is so seamless at the edges that you will hardly notice it's there. 

This showcase will prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase because it is designed to handle all kinds of wear and tear during traveling and installation! 

Is this jewelry display case for you? 

Are you still wondering whether you should make such a high-end purchase? If you regularly attend exhibitions or own a showroom that needs a luxury display, this case will prove to be a worthwhile option! 

Although this case is exclusively designed for showcasing exhibition pieces, you can also install it in your retail store as it has a compact design that matches different layouts. 


This luxury jewelry display case is definitely for you if you prefer compactness, durability, ease of installation, and innovative technology in your displays! 

Final Words 

Assemblable showcases provide suppliers with a smart way to display their jewelry in showrooms and exhibitions. With its innovative design and uncanny features, this display case will never fail to woo its viewers at any event. 

DG Display Showcase is a manufacturer of quality showcases, cabinets, and display counters. We take pride in our products and ensure you have a smooth sales experience! 

Contact us now to book your dream showcase! 

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