Why pay attention to the light and color of the museum showcase?

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When it comes to museum showcases, foreigners will pay attention to whether the museum showcases are beautiful. In fact, whether the museum showcases are produced, we need to pay attention to a very important factor, then the lights and colors of the museum showcase. : It is reasonable to use the color of the exhibition cabinet in the store, and have a new understanding of the customer's overall showcase and store, creating a reasonable shopping environment.

In the decoration of the showcases and overall color of the store and store, the main color system of the background wall must be achieved by the shape and color of the mall showcase. Otherwise, there will be a combination of unsatisfactory matching, which will affect the customer’s aesthetics and the desire to buy. No matter how beautiful the museum, it requires good light to set off to rejuvenate it.

LED Museum Light Create Perfect Museum Store. The lighting of the LED museum lights is extremely penetrating and has a strong sense of three -dimensional. It can projected close -range light sources on the museum to enhance the museum grade and greatly display the museum value.

The LED museum lamp does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays to the museum itself. In the museum jewelry shop, men choose their status, women choose noble, good lighting effects, showing the luxurious and bright of the Gold Museum, making people feel excited. And how to use the lights to make the museum more dazzling and moving? First of all, you need to analyze the store design style and display method of the museum store.

Since the museum belongs to valuable products, its attributes are destined to be sold in semi -closed counters for sale. Therefore, there is basically only one display method in the museum -cabinet. And the museum is a very small product, and the area of ​​general stores or counters is not large.

Compared with other stores, the lighting method is much simpler. Museum store lighting mainly grasps several points: 1. Grasp the illumination standard.

(Highlight is a necessary means for the museum store to attract customers) 2. Avoid glare. (It is easy to cause glare under the high degree of highlights of the museum store) 3.

Avoid the harm of artificial light to the museum. (The lamps are required to be very small and not hot.) At present, museum lighting no longer exists whether it is bright enough.

The key is how to form a multi -level space in various exhibits, with key products, not simple and bright. Of course, enough means that the brighter the better, some jewelry such as gold, platinum, etc., the volume is small, the request can be high enough, 2000lx can.

And similar to jadeite jade, etc., it is soft and round, and the illness doesn’t have to be too high. Shopping cabinets are a prop for items for shopping malls, supermarkets, and other stores to display goods, stored goods, have an appearance personality, powerful function, and also have the advertising effect.

Better platform. Design. Make your personal, the best showcase of the company's store.

The elements that can form the color effect are the colors of the product, the color of the wall and the color of the shopping mall exhibition cabinet. For example, the background is yellow wall. If the yellow product of the same color is displayed, it not only looks strange, but also easily loses the value of the product.

It can be seen that if the contrasting color of the opposite color system is displayed, such as black and white products, the product will be more vivid, and the contrast color must be used. .


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