Why is there a difference in the price of jewelry counters?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The price of jewelry showcases is ever -changing on the market. The same style is some of the high prices, some are scary, and some are in the middle stage. Why is there such a huge difference? Today, the Shenzhen showcase factory will discuss with you.

The positioning of the display cabinet production plant is the most direct factor affecting the price; like Shenzhen's more professional showcase factories, due to the high labor cost and operating cost of the region, the general pricing is mid -to -high -grade. Of course quality is also very guaranteed. The orders of these factories are very stable.

Small -scale factories, due to the low operating costs, but because of weak strength, they often adopt low -cost strategies to win customers. Whether it is a mid -to -high -end market or a low -end market, there is still a certain market, so the positioning of the enterprise is the performance of its own strength to comply with market demand to the performance of the market demand. The difference in the area of ​​the Cartier showcase also has a certain impact on the price.

As we all know, the jewelry counter in Shenzhen is relatively high, and the price of mainland cities is relatively low; but there will be some problems. Some bad companies deliberately lowered their prices to deceive the trust of customers, and the jewelry display cabinet made is almost terrible; so many years they often encountered some customers who complained about it before they were cheap. Therefore, for jewelry dealers, we must polish their eyes.

No matter how the price must be believed, the wool is on the sheep, a penny and a penny, and no manufacturer is a charity. In this way, when customized jewelry shop showcases, they will definitely make the right choice for different prices. Another situation at the jewelry counter is that the quality of the jewelry booth is difficult for other manufacturers to surpass, and it has reached the top level of the industry.

For example, the Cartier display cabinet is divided into ordinary models and top models.——3600 yuan/meter; that is, these ordinary models will be different in terms of stainless steel models, thickness, and workmanship details. The price of high -end Cartier jewelry showcases is very high.

It can be said that it is a profiteering, just like Apple mobile phones. Although it can calculate specific costs, it is worth the price; because peers can't do your level. In summary, the price of the jewelry display cabinet is positioned by the factory's product, the geographical location, and the level of workmanship; Bad factors; these common factors have made the price of the showcase so huge.


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