Why do museum showcases be dehumidified?

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Many people have seen museum showcases, so do you understand why the museum showcases should be dehumidified? The following is a detailed introduction to everyone: why the museum showcase dehumidifies, the environmental temperature and humidity of the cultural relics of the collection of collections, the texture of the cultural relics of the museum, among which the organic texture The cultural relics have high temperature and humidity, and the cultural relics of inorganic texture are relatively low. But the long day is also a key factor. 1.

The effect of temperature and humidity on the influence of inorganic cultural relics Although the inorganic texture relics are not very high on the temperature and humidity environment, the inappropriate temperature and humidity will still have a certain impact on the cultural relics. It is a problem for bronze wares. The temperature and humidity will accelerate the occurrence and development of bronze disease.

Some people have put the bronze -bronze residual slices with bronze disease with green powder rust in different temperature and humidity environments for testing. As a result, under the conditions of higher humidity, the surface of bronze with bronze disease will soon obviously appear significantly. The new green powder rust, but at the condition of lower humidity, there is no.

It can be seen that the humid environment has an impact on bronze wares. In addition, high humidity will make the silverware lose its luster and rust the ironware. In a humid environment, stone cultural relics will also adsorb the water in the air and cause molten salt movement.

If there is acidic gas in the humid environment, it will have a significant dissolution effect on marble, Han white jade and other stone cultural relics. For non -metal -based cultural relics such as glass and jade, we have also found that the phenomenon of mildew. According to usual, such cultural relics should not happen, but the ancients or modern people were sticking to the cultural relics such as the oil, sweat and other dirt on the hand during the play or transportation.

, Affect the appearance. It can be seen that the cultural relics of inorganic texture also need a suitable temperature and humidity environment to save. 2.

The effect of temperature and humidity on organic texture relics For organic texture, the temperature and humidity of the environment is the primary factor of its influencing factor. The temperature and humidity that is not suitable will not only directly affect the durability of cultural relics, but also accelerate the destruction of some adverse factors on the material of cultural relics. Cultural relics of organic texture such as light oxidation degradation and acidic hydrolysis effects of fiber generally include plant fiber (such as bamboo, wood, cotton and linen products, paper, etc.

) and animal fiber , Corner, bone, etc.) They are composed of cells. The cell structure has a special production of humidity and expansion, drying and shrinkage.

If the temperature and humidity changes too much, it will often cause mechanical damage to cultural relics. This damage should not be aware of the appearance. Low environmental temperature and humidity will slow down some destructive effects of ignorant factors on cultural relic materials.

But it is not the lower the temperature, the better. Plant fiber cultural relics such as paper, such as paper, have a certain amount of water. Only at a certain temperature can the internal water be in a balanced state, and it can have corresponding plasticity and softness.

In addition, the good food of the cultural relics and the pests of the cultural relics of the organic texture and the nutrients of the mold. If the temperature and humidity of the environment are high, the growth requirements of pests or molds are met, and cultural relics are easily harmful to pests and molds. In severe cases, precious cultural relics will lose its value.

In summary, the collection of cultural relics needs to be preserved in a relatively stable environment suitable for their survival. What is a museum cultural relics constant temperature and humidity machine: the constant temperature and humidity machine is specifically developed for the internal space system of the showcase, with small air volume, large wind pressure, large amount of dehumidification, and multiple uses (temperature control, humidification, dehumidification), which is suitable for cultural relic display cabinets; Small boutique storage room. With patented technology frozen and dehumidification methods, send air with suitable temperature and humidity to the inside of the box of the showcase, reduce the wet content of indoor air, and create an environment for the normal operation of the plane and air conditioning system; meet the requirements of the exhibits inside the exhibition cabinet on the external environment.

This series of units adopt integrated design, large air -changing area of ​​small air volume; effectively reduce air delivery; reduce installation costs. The interior of the showcase is a relatively closed small environment. We will create a stable internal environment of the showcase to ensure that your exhibits will not be damaged due to environmental factors.

The basis for achieving environmental control and management in the cabinet is: the showcase has good sealing, and the materials used in the showcase will not become a source of pollution. Inappropriate humidity is a key factor in damage to exhibits. In order to control the humidity in a constant range, we provide two options: 1.

Passive humidity regulating agent, wetting plate or wet pellet. They will absorb excess water in the air, control the speed of humidity changes in the showcase, so that the humidity in the showcase does not fluctuate in large fluctuations. 2.

Active humidity control machine. Electronic constant humidity machines can accurately control the humidity in the showcase. Whether it is required to dehumidify or humidify, the electronic constant humidity machine will start at any time to ensure that the humidity is controlled by the humidity required for the exhibits.



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