Who is still struggling with the jewelry showcase to design? Take a look at Chengming showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The role of jewelry showcases in the jewelry shop can be described as pivotal. Many businesses will face a problem before the shop opens. Which showcase factory should be designed? The decoration company is not proficient in this, and some decoration companies even do not even understand the design of the showcase, let alone the high requirements of the jewelry; it may be very professional to find the design company, but the cost of the design company is also a large expenditure; finding a manufacturer to come to the manufacturer to come to the manufacturer; The cost of designing the jade display cabinet may be lower, but if it is not a big manufacturer of strength, its design strength is also worrying.

In fact, this problem is very easy to solve. The design company must be better than the decoration company, and the price is also available. Finding a manufacturer is actually a good choice, provided that it is to find the right big manufacturer.

So how to judge whether the manufacturer has soft power? It depends on the real cases made by this manufacturer. Real cases can not only see the design strength, but also the production strength and the quality of the showcase. Small factories also play the banner of "professional showcase design".

In fact, only a single simple style can be made, more of the existing design styles on the market. Real strength manufacturers will have a special design department, and even patent certification. A better way is to investigate on the spot.

Whether the company has a professional design department, manufacturer strength, product quality, etc. can be inspected on the spot. Regarding the following five characteristics, you need to learn about the ten -year model of the exhibition cabinet in 2001 to focus on the first -stop service of the commercial exhibition, and radiate the surrounding related products.

Chengming has developed into Suzhou, Jiangsu, to serve the diversified complexity of the country. Commercial exhibition decoration companies have served many well -known brands including Ryan's diamonds, Chinese crafts, ZA, Kanojiao, and Mei Rimi. 02 Strict monitoring and creating professional quality from the source of the design to the factory installation.

The company implements the full quality tracking record. The production process of the counter is equipped with a quality tracking form to ensure that each link can be strictly controlled. Recently established a clothing showcase R & D team.

03 Unique design matching the unique exhibition cabinet design, tailor -made supporting solutions to ensure that the showcase is perfectly echoed with your product characteristics. 04 Professional maintenance team strictly implements international industry standards, and sells on -site surveys with "high -quality and high standard products, comprehensive after -sales service" to feedback feedback implementation plans. 05 The online service system for intimate after -sales is online, professional and efficient customer service staff, guarantee 7*24 hours online, answer your visit within 2 hours of testing, and provide you with solutions within 24 hours.


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