Where is the better design of Suzhou tobacco and alcohol showcases?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Where is the better design of Suzhou tobacco and alcohol showcases? What kind of design can be called a good design about the design of the tobacco and alcohol showcase? The company will introduce to you, design instructions about the tobacco and alcohol showcase. concise. The more complicated the booth, the easier it is to confuse the visitors, and the more difficult it is to cause a clear and strong impression.

Simple and bright is the way to attract the audience. Photos, charts, text descriptions should be clear and concise. Highlight.

The display should be based on the center and the focus. Focus selection should serve the purpose of the exhibition. Highlight key exhibits through the location, layout, lighting and other means.

The focus settings should not be too much, just set one. Progressive display, using spotlights and other means, emphasizing key exhibits. Express clear subjects, convey clear information.

The theme is the basic information and impression that the exhibitionman wants to convey to the visitors, usually the exhibitor itself or the product. When designing the showcase, pay attention to matching the product. The display cabinet is to display the product.

Generally, it does not use irritating colors to avoid the noise. However, the color relationship between the product display rack and the product must consider the usual color effect. Such as colorful products, the color of the display cabinet is gray; light -colored products, the color of the display cabinet should be dark; dark -colored products, the color of the display cabinet should be light.

The novel charm of the display cabinet is more targeted. The design of the product display cabinet is the primary criterion for attracting customers, but if you want to keep the customer, you need to be clean and tidy. Cosmetics showcases, jewelry showcases, showcases design, and color of the showcases can make customers buy with peace of mind, but the color of the ceiling, walls, and floor that should be paid attention to can be paid to the store, so that the store will look twilight without making people feel depressed.

In interpersonal communication, the first impression of the first impression has a great influence on people's cognition. Regardless of whether it is correct or not, the impression is always clear and firm. As the development of the showcase has promoted the requirements of the design of the showcase, whether it is design style, practicality, or product quality, it is the standard for their determination of quality.

So for the display cabinet manufacturer, the display cabinet customization must also improve its own standard. It has become a short part of various stores, exhibition halls, and enterprises. The showcase's selection of different plate thickness is also different.

Its planning is not only beautiful and easy to enter, but also more comfortable, more practical, and user -friendly. The light taste in the wooden showcase is filled with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. .


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