What required mobile phone display cabinets should be designed?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

With the popularity of smartphones, the mobile phone store on the street has become more and more, just to meet the needs of modern people for electronic devices. However, if a mobile phone store wants to attract customers, it must not only attract customers in the product, but also have a bright performance in design. For example, the showcase in its shop.

In this article, the editor introduces the design requirements that the mobile phone showcase should follow and the arrangement of the mobile phone in the showcase. If you are interested, follow the editor to see it in the article! 1. The design requirements of the mobile phone showcase should follow 1.

The design of the mobile phone showcase should be simple, simple, and bright. Most people can only accept limited information in a short period of time. Showcase production should choose representative furnishings, options, and abandon.

2. The design of the mobile phone showcase is important part, and the display cabinet should be focused. The focus of the display cabinet can attract attention.

General new products, important products or products that are valued, displaying important parts through location, layout, lighting and other means; on the other hand Method to cause a unified impression. 3. The design of the mobile phone showcase requires personality.

The distinctive design can attract more visitors. It is convenient to visit and find it easy to identify and find it. 4.

From the perspective of consumers, the design of the mobile phone showcase is to show the success of the audience's interest and response. The design of the display cabinet should consider the factors of people, mainly because the purpose, emotion, interests, opinions, reactions and other factors of the target audience. Designing from the perspective of the target audience, it is easy to attract the attention and resonance of the target audience, and leave a deeper impression on the target audience.

5. The design of the mobile phone showcase should consider space. The display cabinet design should consider the display cabinet in a limited space, so that the display cabinet shows the display product in a limited space.

Make the audience better accept the information in limited time and space. 2. The arrangement method of mobile phones in the mobile phone showcase 1.

The word arrangement method places the mobile phone in the display cabinet in order. 2. The three -character arrangement method puts the mobile phone in the counter as a model as a model.

The shape is simple. 3. The fan -shaped arrangement method is based on the customer's side, put the mobile phone in the form of a fan -shaped form, so that customers can watch the mobile phone aesthetics and better attract customers.

Or take the customer as the center of mind, the front of the mobile phone can also be facing the customer. 4. The trapezoidal arrangement method places the mobile phone in an inverted trapezoidal shape, and speaks in the direction of the customer.

Layered. 5. All mobile phones of square arrangement method are displayed according to square shapes, and the main push machine is placed in the middle position.

The primary and secondary are clear, better sales. 6. The padding method needs to use props.

Like the awards ceremony, the main and secondary mobile phones are clearly expanded in the form of gold, silver, copper. .


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