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For display cabinets, personalized design is very necessary, and it is also very important. So how should the design of the display cabinet be done? What kind of design can be considered a good design? In response to this series of issues, I summarized some points for everyone. Consumer: The industrialized standard production is difficult to meet the needs of individuality in the cabinet industry.

For whether standardized production can meet the needs of individual needs, the owners do not want the style to be exactly the same. The same is boring, and it is not suitable for the needs of every family. Industry insiders: The industrialization of production will not wipe out individual needs for consumers' concerns.

People in the industry said that it is completely unnecessary. The display cabinet design is not a single. Just take the showcase, the location it shows is different, the product pages are different, and the design is relatively subjective.

It can meet the aesthetics of consumers. What's more important is that the setting cabinet is to better display the different products of a certain brand, so how to reflect the brand culture in design is more important. Generally, the grade density board is used in the production process of the mall showcase, which is more environmentally friendly and more durable.

The paint is painted with Jiabaoli painting, making the shop showcase more brighter and textured. Now many showcase merchants will produce showcases according to the needs of customers. During the production of the showcases, when the showcase is made, it will be designed according to the needs of the customer's needs and needs.

Let's decide many factors such as color styles. If you want to find the design of store showcases that meet your brand culture, you also need to find a strong exhibition cabinet custom manufacturer that is powerful in the display cabinet production. The showcases and furniture are two different industries, but there are many places, but there are still many details of different details.

The master who produces the showcase may not be able to make furniture. Then let's talk about where they are different. Obviously the purpose is different, most of the showcases are used for business display above.

Most of the furniture is reflected in family use. Most commercial use pays attention to the display effect, how to reflect the highlights of the product, so the display cabinet needs to work hard on the surface display, how to reflect how the product does. However, the furniture body is practical.

Everyone wants to buy a furniture is both beautiful and practical. At least for more than ten years to buy a set of furniture. It is necessary to work more about practicality.

Generally, the most ingredients are in solid wood. The display cabinet design avoids scratching when using the showcase, and should avoid scratching the cabinet and door panel of sharp objects. The scraped showcases will cause the lacquer to fall off, the display cabinet is exposed, which will not only affect the overall image of the showcase, but also reduce the use of the use of the showcase.

Cleaning hardware regularly cleaning the showcase to prevent the hardware products on the showcase from rusting. Therefore, when cleaning, be sure to pay attention to the appearance of dust and debris on the drawer track or the door of the cabinet door. If there is dirty dirt, clean it with a small brush or wipe it with a dry cloth.

The exhibition cabinet moisture -proof should avoid the water stains of the display cabinet, which is wet, and the phenomenon of mold causes mold. The weather is more humid in summer, pay attention to keeping ventilation and keeping the room dry. The wave of the showcase will also cause hardware accessories to rust, poor use.

The display cabinet that is just installed with a few fragrances will have a relatively unpleasant smell. In order to cover up this taste, many shop owners will use the fragrance agent containing chemical ingredients to remove the flavor for the wardrobe, but this may cause the exhibition cabinet oxidation to cause damage to the showcase cause damage to the showcase. Prepare some activated carbon in the store just after renovation, use less air conditioners in the summer to keep the air unblocked.

Using the intuitive visual impression caused by goods to customers, and promoting product communication information is a basic function of boutique showcases. At the same time, the boutique showcases are constantly playing a media role between life and sales and production. Guide consumption by introducing the use of product performance specifications, maintenance methods, etc.

, to help customers increase product knowledge and scientific knowledge, and buy appropriate products as needed. It is conducive to the display of various types of products, facilitates the quality of the quality of the quality of various products and even the quality of the packaging and decoration process. At the same time, it helps to understand the needs of the market and regulate the contradiction between production and sales.

Expanding sales of boutique showcases can stimulate purchasing power, expand the scope of sales of goods, increase the turnover, is conducive to currency circulation, accumulate funds for the country. Beautify the good exhibition cabinet with good environment, which can not only prosper the market, meet the needs of the people's material life, but also enrich people's spiritual life, and give beauty art enjoyment. .


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