What kind of coating is good for the display cabinet

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People who know should know that when we are making a showcase, there is a material that is essential, that is, the coatings that everyone often says. It can be said that there is no coating without making a showcase that can satisfy customers. Even how new and special about the custom showcase design, there is no way to build more business opportunities for businessmen on the commercial farm at all.

However, if the display cabinet is made with different types of colors, the showcase seems to be particularly glorious, especially vivid, and the effect of coatings and lights in the shopping mall is dazzling, especially attracting customers. Customers 'favor for goods and increase the important feature of customers' desire to buy goods. Therefore, coatings are the soul of the showcase, and it is a magic weapon that determines whether the showcase is valuable.

Having said that, if it is improper or well maintained in use, it will make the surface of the showcase coat color. It is a fatal injury for the showcase itself. Avoid misuse or maintenance correctly.

The showcases can be in several ways that have been in unchanging color for a long time: which coatings are good for display cabinets. 1. Choose a good paint: Now there are various coatings on the market, but in terms of quality and effects in terms of quality and effect It is not the same.

It is necessary to keep the surface coatings on the display cabinet unchanged for a long time. The quality coating with excellent quality is an important factor in achieving this. The second is technology.

It is also important to technology when adding paint to the surface of the cabinet. In short, it is also important. In short, Technical+high -quality coatings are magic weapons that keep the surface coatings on the showcase for a long time.

2. The environment where the display cabinet is located: Generally, it is like a showcase in public places such as shopping malls, specialty stores, shopping squares, large department store centers. The malls will be installed and opened in each corner.

If it is the air -conditioning mouth, it will make the air -conditioned water spray directly to the surface of the showcase. In this way, it will be easy to change the color when it is not falling off. Therefore, pay attention to the environment where the showcase is located.

Choosing a good environmental space is also an important factor in keeping the surface coatings on the display cabinet for a long time. 3. Avoid the sun exposure: Sometimes, in order to do business, you need to do promotion, and the showcase is pushed directly from the room to the outdoors.

In order to facilitate close contact with customers, it is not expected to expose it for a long time under the scorching sun. This approach is wrong. If the business is good, you will sacrifice the image of the showcase.

For the showcase, try to avoid directly being illuminated by the sunlight as much as possible, you must pay attention. .


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