What factors should I start with the design of the museum showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Many people have seen the museum showcases, so do you understand what factors should you start with the design of the museum showcase? The following is a detailed introduction to everyone: 1. The showcase is strong and stable. The ultimate part of the protection of cultural relics is to avoid damage from external forces.

For the museum is a large person with a lot of personal traffic. How to ensure that Chinese relics in large flow people are not touched or dropped. This requires the fixation of the exhibition cabinet when the cultural relics are installed, and the showcase will not shake or fall off under the influence of external forces of the showcase.

At the same time, the weight should be increased at the bottom of the showcase. Ensure the overall stability of the cabinet. 2.

Everyone knows that the light is radiating from the protection of the cultural relics. In particular, some light accelerated cultural relics are aging and discolored. Some cultural relics are textiles or paper and woody cultural relics.

The thermal effect of light can also cause changes in the temperature of the surrounding environment, which will affect the preservation of cultural relics. In addition, poor light control can also cause changes in the color of the surface of the cultural relics. Therefore, the control of light should be fully considered when the showcase is designed.

3. The anti -theft of the cultural relics and lost. Frequent news will be reported that there are cases of cultural relics in museums around the world.

Cultural relics showcases must not only ensure the safety of cultural relics under normal circumstances, but also ensure the losses caused by the theft. Nowadays, the cultural relics showcases are installed with intelligent anti -theft systems. The opening of the cultural relics showcase should be an alarm for the first time, prompting security personnel to pay attention to the cultural relics situation.

4, the temperature and humidity of the relics stored by the cultural relics is one of the most critical factor affecting the preservation of cultural relics. Because the cultural relics and the air are directly contacting, under specific cultural relics, the microorganisms in the air will speed up the breeding speed. For cultural relics, it will cause a great erosion effect.

In addition, like some metal cultural relics such as copper, iron wares are prone to chemical reactions, which will cause corrosion to cultural relics. Therefore. In recent years, the showcases are equipped with temperature and humidity control equipment to quantify the protective cultural relics are not affected by temperature and humidity.

5. With the advancement of industrialization, air pollution is not only affecting people's lives, but also the protection of cultural relics. If some acidic or alkaline gases are accidentally mixed into the showcase, it may cause great harm to cultural relics.



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