What factors should be paid attention to in the design scheme of the showcase

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The showcase is a display props mainly used in some stores such as shopping malls and supermarkets to display products and storage products. It has the characteristics of appearance personality and powerful functions. And also have an advertising effect, so as to achieve better profit aims.

Therefore, the design of the showcase is very important for the display of the showcase. With the advancement of the times, people's demand for the quality of life has been further improved, and all kinds of exquisite showcases have gradually entered people's life circles to give a display platform for bland products. A good decorative effect, the high -quality display rack makes the product exert the extraordinary charm.

Therefore, the demand for the design of the showcase is also increasing. The following explain how to design the showcase in detail. 1.

The regional factors must consider the regional factors during the design process of the display cabinet. The main factors of the regional factors are mainly referring to the shape of the display cabinet and how to arrange the position between each part. factor.

Of course, the regional factors of course also include the fit between the display cabinet and the placement position, as well as the coordination of the color of the display cabinet and the color of the underwear series products, placement position, lighting and other aspects. This is consistent with the concept of color science. It is necessary to help the matching of various colors more coordinated, and use product positioning as the main determination to give users the visual sense of the user.

Positioning is the main to coordinate with the design color of the showcase, which is specifically reflected in the coordination of the product and the display cabinet to give people a logical feeling, rather than the large disconnection between the two. Division of store information to your products deeply. 2.

Aesthetic factors should consider the aesthetic factor of people. This is mainly reflected in the relative position of the display cabinet's own part and the balance and stability of the relative position of the display cabinet and the placement. In order to better send consumers to express the meaning of the brand, there are many senses, such as relaxed, pleasant or elegant, etc.

Then in the design process of the showcase, while paying attention to the above two factors, it is also necessary to pay attention to the coordination of the stores, brands, products, and users in all aspects, and better design the showcase design from points, lines, and surfaces to innovate to innovate The driving mechanism produces a creative display cabinet to make the brander stand out in the store. After solving these relatively difficult problems, the design of the showcase must also be perfect in the details. For example Getting; for example, to solve the environmental protection problem of the display cabinet, the display cabinet as a store directly contacts a large number of people flow, and its environmental protection must be done well; for example, the problem of furnishings of goods, here is another focus: 3.

Factory factor brand is not only furnishings furnishings, but also the furnishings are furnishings. And the target of sales, and these products are also integrated in the atmosphere of the store, and will be an indispensable role in the store. Visual dynamic information affects consumers' consumption behavior.

Therefore, the design of the showcase must be integrated with the furnishings of the product, so that the sales of the product disclose the sales of the product between the display cabinet and the product furnishings. "Salesman". On the premise of grasping the furnishings information, the principle is that the principle is to classify the products that are categorized and the recommended products that are recommended, and classify high -end, mid -range, and resist products.

In the furnishings, the principle Give conspicuous positions for key products, give strong visual feelings, etc. Only by fully considering the above problems, communicating with communication, and gradual follow -up design can we design high -quality showcases.


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