What factors need to be considered when designing museum showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Many people have seen the museum showcases, so do you need to understand what factors need to be considered when designing the museum showcase design? Let ’s introduce it in detail: 1. The temperature and humidity display cabinet has a large temperature and humidity. Calligraphy and painting, textile products, mahogany small pieces, wooden furniture, porcelain, bone beads, watercolor paintings, wall paintings, pure natural leather products and other antiquities that are more sensitive to temperature.

If the temperature and humidity appear in the display cabinet Severe hazards such as wrinkles, deformation, and cracking of antiquities. In addition to showing antiquities, the Museum of History must always remember the main responsibilities of historical and cultural heritage. You cannot carry out the window display exhibition at the cost of enduring the cost.

Antiquities are unavailable, the granular carrier of the cultural and artistic and artistic and artistic and artistic and artistic and artistic and artistic arts should be maintained to maintain the price. 2. The display cabinet with good closed -type features can reasonably manipulate the temperature and humidity, anti -pollution, anti -harmful invasion of the display cabinet, and the purity of the gas, etc.

, to ensure the purity of the gas in the cabinet. In fact, considering the quality of the display cabinet quality, the closed characteristics are one of the more critical indicator values. Antiquities such as calligraphy and painting, textiles, in order to exceed the constant temperature and humidity equipment in the cabinet, display cabinets must have excellent closed types.

3. Fire prevention and fire prevention safety is the essential basic regulations that include exhibition halls, display cabinets and other related window display exhibition equipment. It is a display cabinet.

From its commonly used raw materials, sunlight, temperature control, fire safety standards, etc., they must be uniquely considered that they must be in line with the technical professional specifications of fire safety. In addition, the automatic fire extinguishing system and machinery must be set up.

Different antiquities, the machine and equipment for fire saving are different. For example, the antiquities of paper products apply to the gas fire extinguishing system, and it is never allowed to be water. With the development of high -tech technology, the intelligent history museum in the use of fire safety service facilities will become more and more excellent, more beneficial to the maintenance of antiquities.

4. The light and disadvantage of the actual effect from antiquities is the high level of light in the display cabinet. From the natural environment and atmosphere of the construction window display exhibition, highlighting the display of antiquities, the source of artificial service lights can grasp the source of the lights and the strength of the light; Lantern source; and antiquities that can be used naked, can use sunlight.

The lighting effect of the display cabinet should be controllable. According to the provisions of the color, perspective, and category of the sunlight, the sunlight, and the exhibition products, it can be adjusted. In the second, in terms of sunlight, the light effect of direct bands or exhibits should be used to show the actual effect of well -proportioned.

In addition. 5. The door of the opening cabinet is to take into account the safety factor.

At the same time, it is convenient to work. When designing the design plan, the height ratio, total width and part of the display cabinet door should be used as a key link to ensure the safety of the exhibition hall layout, withdrawal, replacement of antiquities or exhibition cabinets, display cabinet cleaning, etc. Convenient and convenient.

A few points on the left and right are the knowledge structure diagrams that must be considered at the beginning of the design plan of the museum showcase. I look forward to the professional knowledge of these points to make everyone better grasp its characteristics, so that it is easy to carry out selection. .


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