What do you need to pay attention to when making solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets

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Compared to the use of various artificial board to make board -type Chinese medicine cabinets, the production process of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets is much more complicated. It must not only reflect the shape of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets, but also better reflect the quality of solid wood. Its process and material requirements are high.

Requirements such as drying fingers and sewing are strictly required. If a certain process is not strictly controlled, the small cracked, frying pattern, and loosening at the binding of the whole set of Chinese medicine cabinets will be deformed, and it cannot be used. Therefore, keeping solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets is also more rare than plate -type traditional Chinese medicine cabinets.

For the production of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets, the editor summarizes the production of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets as follows: (1) Material selection Chinese herbal medicine is taken from the flower root stems of natural plants, which are the same as the solid root root. As the processing material of the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet, solid wood wood reflects this harmony and unity. When choosing solid wood raw materials, it should be noted that although Chinese medicinal materials are taken from various plants like Chinese medicine cabinets, their fundamental difference is that the former needs the chemical characteristics of the material, and the latter needs the mechanical strength of the material.

The former is the flower and fruits and leaves of the plant, and the latter is the main torso of the large plant (tree). Based on the above considerations, when choosing the material of the Chinese medicine cabinet, one must consider that the material has sufficient strength, and the Chinese medicine cabinet made of it must have sufficient firmness. At the same time, you should also notice that the selected materials should be tasteless or not affected the pharmacological pharmacology of Chinese medicinal materials.

Nature materials are ever -changing. In terms of choosing processing materials, they also need scientific analysis and research. They need to analyze the physical mechanics and chemical characteristics of various woods with a scientific attitude.

The impact of medicinal materials does not have a effect or a beneficial effect. Another practical advantage of wood Chinese medicine cabinets in preserving Chinese herbs is that they have certain hygroscopic absorption in the environment, regulate the environmental climate, and reduce the impact of the environment on Chinese medicinal materials. In the actual selection of materials, we should also pay attention to the combination of material texture.

Choose the size and specifications that meet the required parts. (2) The biggest feature of the dry and solid wood of wood is that it is easy to deformed and cracking without artificially drying wood. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a wood with artificially drying to the local balance below the water content.

Chinese medicine cabinets are for Chinese medicine cabinets for traditional Chinese medicine cabinets. The size stability requirements are very high. If the product is small deformation, it will cause the bucket cabinet to open difficulties or even unable to pull.

The climate conditions in different regions are different, the water balance content of the wood is different, and the water content of the water after drying the wood is also different. Therefore, when manufacturing traditional Chinese medicine cabinets, the impact of various regions should also be considered. For example, the water balance rate of wood in Guangdong is 15.

9%, and the moisture content of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets in Guangdong is generally controlled below 14%, but different places. Generally, the moisture content of products for products in the north should be lower than that of the southern products. (3) The cooperation of the tenon -and -mortise structure adopts the shape and structure of Chinese medicine cabinets.

Choosing the appropriate tenon -and -mortise cooperation in the production process is one of the key processes. The mortise and the mortise are too loose, the structure is not strong, the structure is loose, and even the parts fall off during the use process. The tightness of the mortise and tenon is related to the material used.

For example, it is made of pine wood. The tenon is generally 0.5 to 1mm larger than the mortise in the width direction.

(4) The traditional Chinese medicine cabinet is the same as the wooden Chinese medicine cabinet of the home. On the one hand, it is for beauty. As a Chinese medicine cabinet, it is more important to protect the surface of the wood.

Deformation, or even cracking. However, the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet is different from the civilian Chinese medicine cabinet. It is directly contacting the cabinet with various medicinal materials.

Unreasonable coating may cause the coatings to enter the medicinal materials and affect the pharmacology. Therefore, it is very important to choose paint correctly. It should be selected for coatings without harmful matter or harmful substances to the standard.

The inner surface of the medicine cabinet that is directly contacted with the medicinal material is not painted. In order to prevent water from entering the wood, it causes the Chinese medicine cabinet to deform and crack. The surface of the inner surface of the Chinese medicine cabinet is sprayed, because the beeswax taken from nature does not contain any harmful to the human body to the human body.

Material has no effect on medicinal pharmacology. .


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