What do we have to respect for design showcases

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A good showcase design should be the unity of content and form, the unity of the whole and the local, the unity of science and art, the unity of science and art. If you have to evaluate the design from a individual angle to show the design of good or bad, this angle is the perspective of aesthetic. As the design of the project's showcase, its solid, security, timeliness, economy and other quality standards, more intuitive and informative data can be tested.

However The individuality of the image, the subjectivity of the aesthetics, and the originality of art often seem to be "publicly said that publicity is reasonable, and my wife is reasonable". However, people's minds are connected, and they cannot violate the universal law of art creation, but they are also real. Its comprehensive evaluation standards can still be found.

Unity is the primary criterion for showing art. Uniform form, unified color, unified craftsmanship, unified style. In short, the good design is very clear in terms of the order of art form.

2. The purpose of the creative standard for any art activity is to create. Creation is the main feature of the new century.

The creativity of the display design is mainly manifested in the novel of creativity and the originality of the artistic image. This unique image is given; the hit, the shock, the stimulus, it is not forgotten, the most effective market actions, the most effective image dissemination. This creation involves formal positioning, imagination of space, the choice of materials, the peculiarity of the structure, the processing of color, and the novel way of method .

3. The era standard can also be called the conceptual standard. The concept of the times is infiltrated with every cell that shows art design.

In contemporary, the display design should reflect the following points: new comprehensive concepts, human -oriented concepts, time and space concepts, ecological concepts, systemic concepts, information concepts, high -tech concepts, etc. Specifically, pay attention to the following five aspects: A. The openness of the space environment, transparent liquidity, plasticity and organicity.

Give people freedom, give people kindness, know, know, can enter and exit, visit and communicate freely. B. The classic principle of realizing the exhibit information.

Strictly implement the requirements of less and fine. C. Realize the integration color effect of inherently colorful "interaction", pay attention to the use of colorless series.

D. Try to use new products, new materials, new structures, new technologies and new processes. Actively use the achievements of high technical reality such as modern photoelectric transmission technology, modern screen image technology, and modern artificial intelligence technology.

E. Pay attention to the use of the free curve and free curve of software materials, and pursue the organic effect of displaying the environment. 4.

Industrial standards can also be called functional standards. It is mainly about the unity of form and content. The design of the 'metallurgical' industry is the same as the booth design of the 'daily chemical' industry.

Set up booth display skills.


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