What are the types of common cultural relics museum showcases?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Different cultural relics must customize different museum showcases, and put cultural relics in a suitable display cabinet to properly protect and have a good display effect. There are the following types of cultural relic show cabinets: special -specific exhibition cabinets, set show cabinets, parts disassembly, interpolation showcases, single combined showcases, overall telescopic exhibition cabinets, complete non -demolished installed installation type. The following is an introduction to these types of showcases.

1. Special -for special cultural relic showcase. In the museum display and some exhibitions, special showcases for some kind of exhibits; only suitable for it, not suitable for other exhibits.

2. Set -type cultural relic showcase. Jianjian's traditional furniture, tables, stools and other structures in our country are made into Fang Dun'er with different sizes (a series of five faces) from small to large sizes, or a few shapes of different sizes and specifications.

There are changes in the height difference, and the combination form is lively; when not in use, the small parts are income in order, and the space occupies is only the size of the largest table. It makes full use of the inner space of the large display cabinet to occupy less storage or transportation space. For example, folding display racks, folding screens, folding booths, etc.

3. Parts and components disassembled cultural relics showcases. Since the 21st century, a large number of display cabinets composed of components and can be disassembled and then assembled, which can be divided into two categories: one is composed of connecting parts and tube (rod) parts, and the other is consisting of the other type.

Connect and board or mesh -panel commutation. This type of jewelery showcases in the expo, museum display and window layout, are useful. For example, the booth with a right -angle triangle (two heights can be available in two heights) is combined into a square table, trapezoidal table, four -petal flower -shaped tables, and other exhibit booths.

4. Insert cultural relic showcase. The board -type components of various specifications are cut off in a certain component, and then inserted into a group to form a booth, grid, screen, flower trough, indicator sign, etc.

5. Single -combined cultural relic display cabinet. First design one and more monolithic showcases, and then use these single showcases (more than two, or only one single) combination to combine or overlap, forming a new exhibition cabinet with changes in the form and standards.

Different structured cabinets have different functions. What are the structures of the mall showcase? 6. The overall telescopic cultural relic show cabinet.

The various parts of the showcase are connected by the flow joint (connecting parts), which can be folded and folded. As soon as it is used, it will become a screen wall skeleton or connected form. "Latt" display, I and II types belong to this very convenient overall telescopic exhibition cabinet.

Although this type of showcase is not a few, it is not available. 7. All the first -generation display cabinets in the complete non -demolition installation cannot change the structure and form.

If it is no longer used, throw it aside, or disassemble the use of these materials and then make it into other species other showcases. Another example is a hexagonal booth with a trapezoidal table, and the bee -type booth, and you can stand up the finished font and the mountain -shaped booth. .


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