What are the techniques of glass display cabinet?

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What are the tips for making glass display cabinets? Have you studied this tips? Let's take a look at the editor customized at the exhibition counter now. 1. Establish a corporate image: As the carrier of the brand as the brand, the "image endorsement" of the enterprise is bound to be.

On the contrary, the enterprise can also pass it to display its corporate image. At this time, the role of the showcase is self -evident. 2.

Improve sales performance: The more important role of the showcase is that the showcase can conduct more direct visual exchanges with consumers, and allow consumers to clearly understand the company's products, and then generate consumer behavior. And good showcases can also promote the production of "back rates" under the influence of "experience economy", so whether it is brand product companies or the company that wants to brand products, it will definitely pay great attention to the design and production of the showcase. Jewelry showcases are so important, what should I do? How to do it well? How to do better? Introduce the main materials of some showcases and their advantages and disadvantages 1.

Iron skin: The advantage is that the material is low in price and the materials are lighter. The disadvantage is that the structural change is not great, and it is difficult to make a variety of effects. 2.

Wood: The advantage is that the structure can be adjusted, can make various design effects, and the price of materials is moderate. The disadvantage is that the materials are heavy, the production is not underneath, and it is not suitable for the movement of the glasses showcase. 3.

Glass: The advantage is that the material is low in price and has a transparent effect. The disadvantage is that the materials are heavier and fragile. 4.

Acrylic: The advantage is that there is a translucent crystal effect. The disadvantage is that the materials are heavier, fragile, and expensive. 3.

The showcase is now a brand. The brand represents fashion and superiority. Companies without brands are planning their own brands; companies with brands are planning how to high quality and bestization of the brand.

The showcase is an indispensable display of any brand product sales carrier. As long as you want to establish a brand image and make a good brand to allow consumers to leave a good visual experience of the company's brand. Tailor the showcase for your own products.

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