What are the technical requirements of the new museum showcase?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Many people have seen museum showcases, so do you know what technical requirements for the new museum showcases? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone: 1. The exhibition cabinet sealing requirements: In addition to meeting simple protection technology, museum showcases also need Have good sealing. Because the sealing of the showcase has a large extent affecting the temperature and humidity inside the showcase.

Because the vast majority of cultural relics are very fragile, the environment of the outside world is very sensitive, and the stable temperature and humidity are the conditions that ensure the intact shape. In order to ensure that the showcase has good sealing, in addition to the seamless connection with the display cabinet glass, it will also use materials such as sealing, sealing glue, and pasters to strengthen their sealing;. There are many forms of showcases.

There are stables such as along the wall cabinet, the inside of the wall, and the inside of the wall, and some independent cabinets are generally placed separately. The requirements for stability are very high. Not only should cabinet design follow the principle of triangle stability, but also adopt internal stability design.

At the same time, the connection between the hardware and glass cabinets must also maintain sufficient stability. Discard cabinets are generally recommended to use non -slip locking, so that it can effectively prevent the side slip and cause damage to the display cabinet 3, intelligent anti -theft system. Many cultural relic theft in the movie in the movie finally uses the line of defense to be the showcase.

Then the anti -theft of the showcase should design different anti -theft solutions for the characteristics of different cultural relics. At the same time, the alarm should play the corresponding role when the showcase is abnormal or damaged. Combined with the monitoring system to make the protection of the cultural relic show cabinet intelligent, realize the intelligence.

4. Lighting requirements: Light sources are divided into two types: artificial light sources and natural light sources. Artificial light sources are adjusted.

They can adjust the appropriate lighting effect according to the requirements of the cultural relics on the brightness, angle, and scope of light. High cultural relic. 5.

The requirements for the combination of industrial design and aesthetics. Cultural relics are the carrier of art and the carrier of culture. When the exhibition is exhibited by the cultural relics of the exhibition, we must fully ensure the exhibition needs more and more comprehensively to exert the artistic impact of the exhibition.

Let the artistic and aesthetics of the product organically gather, so that the overall exhibition effect is more manifested to highlight. .


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